Top 3 Reasons to Get a Reception Dress

Many brides are leery about missing an opportunity to wear their huge wedding gown on the only night you have the excuse to do it. That's technically true; very few people have the chance to dress so nice on the regular, but sometimes we get lost while admiring the sparkle and tulle and forget that these are not the most practical pieces. Few wedding dresses are made with comfort as the #1 priority. The truth is these gowns are made to look fantastic and to catch the eye of your guests no matter where you are in the room, which in many cases does not translate into practicality.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be uncomfortable or not able to move very easily. This is actually one of the most busy nights you'll have as you move around from photos, to ceremony, to cocktail hour, and around your reception to greet your guests. And of course, all the dancing that will likely take place. In short, here are the 3 top reasons why we reception dresses are the way to go.

1- Comfort: Some ballgowns are actually very difficult to move around in. They are big and you have to continuously pick them up or squish them in to get through small spaces like getting in the car or walking in between tables. Aside from ballgowns, heavily beaded gowns can get very heavy and tiring. If these are strapless then there is the constant pulling up your dress since the weight of a heavy beading can pull it down even if it is properly fitted. This is your wedding, you don't have time to not be fighting your dress into submission all night.


2- Versatility: Even though some people don't realize it, the fact is that weddings are meticulously planned for a reason. Your dress has to go with your ceremony and reception venue, it has to be appropriate for the time of the wedding, and everything has to pull together for your vision. What if you want a fancy ceremony but would like a more laid back reception? Or if the ceremony takes place during day time but it'll be dark by the time your reception starts? By having two gowns you really are allowing yourself the opportunity for your look to fit each part of your wedding without having to compromise.

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3 Double the Fun: There are many of us who actually fall in love with more than one dress and usually these are two completely different styles. By having a reception dress you don't have to face the hard task of picking only one.

Contrary to what most people think, reception dresses don't always have to be short, they are just meant to be more practical and comfortable. Rather use a long dress all night? No problem! You can wear that gorgeous ballgown or that sexy fitted mermaid that is very hard to walk in but makes you look super hot, then change into a light airy A-line that will make it easier to walk around greeting your guests or dancing all night. Of course you can also go the opposite route and wear the short dress that you fell for but thought was not regal enough for your ceremony. Not everyone wants or needs a reception dress, but for those in doubt, we can assure you we've never heard a bride regret having one.

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