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Removing the Veil: On Marriage For A Newlywed Wife

I’m so excited about being a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of October. It’s my first. I’m excited and nervous too….Eek!

So you are in luck with this challenge I’m going to spill the beans on the hush, hush, kept secrets that most brides and newlywed wives find out the hard way as they walk down the aisle into their marriage.

I’m calling the series for the month “Removing the Veil”. No more silently hiding behind the wedding veil on how you are feeling through this journey!

The Real Journey Begins....

You’ve walked down the aisle and said “I Do”. Do you know the journey that is in store for you?

Most newlywed wives don’t. That’s okay. I walked down the aisle blindly in my first marriage too.

Then I meet Stan and that changed. I’ve become aware of the purpose of marriage from the inside out. And what a journey I’ve been on since!! You can read this post where I go more in depth on how Marriage Is An Inside Out Journey.

My dream for you is to help you discover, awaken and strengthen your connection to your soul, your partner soul and your marriage soul’s journey.

The Power of One

I want to encourage you to think outside the old school model of preparing for marriage. You know the one where you prepare with your fiancé and your pastor.

Our society puts a strong emphasis on going to college to better our self. Why do we not have this same belief and encouragement to prepare and continually educate our self for our marriages? And we wonder why our divorce rate is so high…hmmm!

I applaud you for taking the time to read this post. It means you have a desire to not end up being another statistic of divorce stats. Yeah you!

The Power of One means that it’s okay for you to focus on the growth of your marriage without forcing, pulling or attaching strings to an outcome to get your spouse to be involved too.

You modeling the desire and working on your growth will get him curious in his own time. And if I’m honest get used to leading/guiding your husband. You will find most women are ahead of their husband on the journey.

The Power of One is profound. You focusing to understand more about the purpose of marriage and the transformational journey that is occurring is where it begins. It adds to our consciousness of “One” throughout the world.

Consciously Choosing, Being in Your Marriage

It’s up to you to consciously choose how you will BE in your Marriage. This is no one else’s responsibility. Don’t give your power away. Not even to your new spouse. Your spouse’s state of being doesn’t determine your state of being….unless you let them dictate this for you!

Notice I didn’t say “Work on Your Marriage”.  You will read and hear a lot about how marriage is “work”.  Not here at Love Thy Marriage Soul.

Here you will learn it’s all about how you are BEING in your marriage and the journey that is unfolding for you.

You are a spiritual being on a physical journey. You are meant to grow and evolve over time. And your marriage is a tool that Source (God, Divine, Universe, which ever you call your higher power) uses for this to occur.

Being is also about living in the now and not the past or the future, but the present moment. Your marriage is not exception to the rule.

And your marriage journey is all about getting you to connect with your higher self, your soul. And living your life in connection with it and not your ego. As so many of us do, myself included.

Is it easy? No!  Some day’s I’d like to hurl my ego junk at the world. But that doesn’t serve my soul. And who is the one we most often hurl our ego junk at?  Yup, our spouses. Yikes!

Out of this series “Removing The Veil” on marriages, I hope you get some insights on the real journey that has begun for you. And not just as a couple but what transformations are occurring for YOU too.

I'd love to hear what ah-ha this has given you on the insights to the purpose of your marriage. Share your ah-ha in the comments below.

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