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Here's a novel and practical way to cut $$$ off your wedding costs. Have a sponsored wedding!

A sponsored wedding is when you are able to find wedding vendors who will offer you their products or services at a reduced rate in exchange for a bit of advertising at your wedding. The advertising need not be tacky. It can be as simple as any of the following:

• A list of sponsors on the back of your wedding program
• An insert card of sponsors in your wedding invitation
• A small sign in front of the cake table or DJ stand at your reception
• A vendor's logo on the back of matchbooks or cocktail napkins
• Business cards of vendors discretely placed on the guest book table

So how do you arrange for vendors to sponsor your wedding? You have to ask! Approach potential vendors with the idea of possible discounts or free services in exchange for free advertising on your wedding day. Both you and the vendors will reap the benefits. You will receive a reduced cost or free product or service and the vendor can generate more business via the free advertising! Celebrities do this all the time. Remember Star Jones' wedding? She had lots of sponsors on board and had an extravagant affair for very little money. If she can do it, you can too!

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