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Stop the Wedding Stress: 4 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Go Perfectly

You’ve likely been dreaming about your wedding since you were a little. You finally got the ring and you get excited about planning out your big day. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the fun tends to get thrown on the back-burner. Wedding planning can be stressful and containing your stress levels throughout the planning process can be harder than you may think. Here are four great tips to help keep your stress under control on your big day.

Designate a Coordinator Outside of the Wedding Party

When it comes to reducing stress on your wedding day, there’s no better way than to have a coordinator in control. Your coordinator should be someone that knows you well, has gone with you to most of the meetings for your vendors, and is very good at solving problems. Ensure that your coordinator is not anyone in the wedding party as that can make it more stressful for you. Instead, rely on a close friend to handle answering all questions from vendors and ensuring that they arrive on time.

Get Beautified at One Spot

Thinking about all the different services that you’ll need to get prepared to walk down the aisle looking your best can make your head spin. Instead of hiring separate people for hair, makeup, and so forth, consider hiring one business to handle all of your services. You can find many bridal spa services at various spas throughout your town. Most will include all the services that you’re looking for in one package.

Choose a Photo Wrangler

One of the most time-consuming aspects of your wedding will be taking pictures. We all want to have memories of our joyful occasions with friends and family members. However, it can get stressful trying to round up each person in a specific group that you want to get a photo with. Instead, hire a photo wrangler who is familiar with all the guests at your wedding. When photo time rolls around, they can go around and get different groups of people prepared so they’re ready when it’s time to take the photo.

Don’t Overbook Your Morning Schedule

Stick to the bare necessities when it comes to scheduling. Hair and makeup are the two most important. Let the rest of the morning unfold at its own pace. You don’t want to rush around all morning to only realize that you didn’t get to take in your special day. Give yourself a relatively free schedule in the morning so you can have time with your bridal party and take in your big day.

Wedding stress is no small problem. In fact, there are many horror stories to go around about brides having a total meltdown on their special day. To avoid having that story to tell, simply employ the four tips above to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible.

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