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4 Fun and Unexpected Ideas for Your Reception

Planning your wedding is such an exciting process. It’s an event designed to celebrate you and your future spouse. Continue the festivities with a creative reception and change it up with some unique surprises your guests are sure to love.

Bring Out the Booze

Many weddings have an open bar. If you choose to feature one as well you can customize it a little. You know your friend’s usual drink orders so have those ready. Make copies of the existing place cards and put them on the bar counter. When your guests come up to the bar they can show the bartender their place card so the bartender knows right away what to prepare. Custom cocktails are a particularly good idea for smaller weddings. Make sure to also have a wide selection of drinks for guests who prefer not to drink alcohol.

Create Lasting Memories

Wedding photo albums are great for social media. Photos can also get turned into tangible memories. Photo booth rental provides a kick of nostalgia. Your loved ones can gather in the booth and make their wackiest and cutest expressions. When the photos are printed you can hang them up as a nice collage in the reception hall for guests to pick up as they leave. Decide what kind of booth you want based on your style. Photos that print in black and white will not clash with your wedding’s decor theme. Photos that print in color tend to stand out more.

Dance the Night Away

Who can forget you and your spouse’s first dance as a couple? While that is a great wedding tradition you can also let your guests join in the fun. Time for a flash mob. Look at some viral videos of wedding dances that incorporated silly or iconic choreography for some inspiration. Is there a dance that you and your friends always jammed to? As soon as those first chords begin they’re sure to want to hit the dance floor with you. Nothing is greater than the sound of laughter as everyone tries to follow along. It’s almost as good as the music itself.

Cultural Appreciation

Ask your partner if they have any other ideas as well. They might want to honor a specific cultural tradition that’s part of their heritage. Whether that’s celebrated with a modern flair or followed to the letter adds another special element to the reception. Not all your guests may be familiar with those traditions so you should include instructions on their place card.

Pick what you want to include and let the party take care of itself. You have so much to look forward to.

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