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The Difference Between White and Yellow Gold Rings

When choosing jewelry for any occasion – be in an engagement or simply a gift to yourself – it can be difficult to choose the right piece. Those looking for engagement tokens may consider sleek, modern pieces or antique diamond rings, but one question seems to be unsettled in the world of popular jewelry styles: is white or yellow gold the better choice for diamond rings? Let’s look at each, and see what jewelry experts and wearers alike are saying.

White Gold – Cooler Color, Cooler Styles

White gold is a silver-tone metal that goes well with any color of stone or accessory. Because of this, contemporary brides who prefer colored stones or fashionable designs and those who purchase jewelry for the sake of style may prefer this tone. Jewelry retailers sell thousands of pieces in this shade every year. It’s a cool hue that lends itself well to the white theme of bridal jewelry, as well as the everyday styles many men and women prefer.

Yellow Gold – Rich and Traditional

Yellow gold is what most people think of when they think of gold jewelry. While it isn’t a color that everyone loves, it is one that has endured the test of time, as generation after generation of bride, groom and casual wearer falls in love with the look of golden rings. Gold is also enjoying an ongoing favor as a color in clothing and accessories, a further testament to its lasting appeal.

Because of the fact that yellow gold has been used for decades in the creation of engagement rings, antique diamond rings are typically set in this shade. And that’s a good thing. Silver doesn’t age as well as gold does, and when properly cared for, antique gold jewelry can remain beautiful for generations. This allows for the popular cultural tradition of passing down wedding jewelry from one generation to the next.

Rose Gold – the Modern Tie-Breaker

In the most modern designs, people have begun turning their backs on both yellow and white gold in favor of a soft, blush-colored tone known as rose gold. This trendy metallic shade is popular not only in jewelry, but in all kinds of fashion and accessories for people of all ages. Weddings have seen an influx of this glistening, romantic shade, and wedding jewelry is following suit. It may end the debate between white and yellow gold altogether, or may simply become another popular, mainstream choice – only time will tell if this trend hangs on!

Conclusion? It’s Up to You!

When it comes down to it, the preference for white or yellow metal is as simple as that – a preference. While there are advantages to each, the use of either mostly comes down to aesthetic preferences. So, choose whichever metal you like most. Elect for the color your intended desires when choosing an engagement ring. Don’t worry too much about which shade of gold is best, because at the end of the day, they’re all beautiful in unique ways.

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