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Tips to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring in 9 Simple Steps

We all wait for that one special day in our lives when we can ask the most special person in our lives to spend an eternity with us. Along with the grand proposal and the sentiments that come with it, a perfect engagement ring is what makes your special day ‘shine’ brighter. Here are 9 simple steps to follow while choosing the perfect engagement ring:

Step 1: Pin it on Pinterest
Pinterest is an amazing portal for inspiration. Make a new secret board where you can pin all ring designs and styles that you like. Check for round or square shapes, solitaire or multiple-stone settings, vintage or modern designs to start with.

Step 2: Look for Real-Life Inspiration
Look around. There are so many people who wear engagement rings. There can be modern or antique engagement rings. You can ask your friends and family where they got theirs. A bit of history of a vintage or antique engagement ring will enhance the romance. The more you know, the better your choice will be!

Step 3: Understand the diamonds
Choosing a diamond ring is not just about the design. There are four Cs you need to pay attention to which are colour, carat, clarity and cut. This is very important to understand how good a stone you are planning to buy.

Step 4: Decide on a shape
Diamonds never go out of style. Don’t worry about what you choose. It can never be a bad decision. Round and princess cut are the top two that never go out of style. Other shapes include cushion, emerald, square, oval, pear, and heart.

Step 5: Choose from Metal Options
It all boils down to your personal preferences. Bright platinum white, yellow and rose gold are just a few options there are in a plethora of metal choices. You can also mix it up by pairing some metals that complement each other.

Step 6: Setting!
How would the diamond be set on your ring? Will you use bezels, prongs, pave, split shanks or go for something a bit more classic? To add some shimmer, use a micropavé band.

Step 7: Get help from a friend
Even if you know what you want, it is good to get an opinion from a girl friend or a sibling. She will give you all the necessary inputs and ensure you don’t choose a ring to make your fiancee fall in love with you once more.

Step 8: Try them on
Go to the store and check which ones you like the best. Sales ladies will happily wear and show you. When you come across the right ring, you will know!

Step 9: Hint your preferences
When you’ve chosen your engagement, find a way to tell your boyfriend your preferences. You can either be subtle or say it to him directly. Whatever works for you!

Jewellery shopping is fun but choosing the perfect antique engagement rings is beyond magical!

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