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The dressing has become one of the important necessities and an essential component of a girl’s life. It has its own finest intricate which make you choose saree over any other outfits. The beauty of the saree evolves more when it is been worn by a bride. Even it is contradictory saying that because a saree makes a lady look beautiful to its peak lies head-on heels. However, if you are festooned with heavy embroidery salwar or gown but a simple and elegant saree definitely exceeds everything. However saree adds a different elegance in any girl’s persona and make her look beautiful twice what she sustains. There are many types of saree available and to the cherry on top is there are many techniques of wearing saree which may give you hundreds of different looks and make you ready for any occasion that is banging right up to you. Sarees however if not worn properly then makes thing messy whereas properly draped saree with minimalistic accessorizing can make you stand out of the crowd completely giving you a sort of different look.


India is extensively diversified and along with it has different flavors and colors of soil which have given rise to very rich cultures. However to know more accurately then different communities bearing different cultures show different sort of fresh aroma of sarees with specialties in the work and texture. Following are the different types of sarees being the pride of the culture.


This typically represents the raw sambar flavour of south India. The fine network of intricate gives it gaudy look and extremely perfect seating for any wedding or while bride participating in any tradition rituals. The raw golden work on bright green, red, white, pink, blue collectively whole spectrum do make a handpick for yourself and help to get involved in any of your wedding in the brightest avatar. Though the prices are hiked up as everything seems to be the art of hands but adding a kanjivram in the closet is a must thing for any lady. Wearing a kanjivaram with all the corrected accessories along with perfect hair up do with flowers embellishing perfecting completes your bridal look. To add for precision then adding temple jewellery sharpens up your features.

Banarasi sarees:

This sarees out reflect the culture of Varanasi. The sarees it very ethnic depicting the old aroma of the time when the queens use to adore their beauty wearing benarasi. Just a glace of it shouts out extreme bridal royalty and wearing it out leash your beauty like anything. Since the culture has been going from ages but the tradition of wearing it on the day of the wedding yet continues in especially in the Bengali community. Wearing a red or any pop color of completely gold intricate gives you an utmost royal loo and to add more perfection then wearing gold accessories with hands soaked in “aalta” complete the wedding look.

 Bandhani sarees:

This sarees are extremely of Gujrat origin out leasing the age-old tradition of Gujarati community. The eyepiece of the saree is centered on the “Bandhan print” along with hand embroidery which gives up the perfect finishing. These are available in many colors ranging from popping bright to light shades. But wearing a bright red bandhani saree popularly called as “Ghar Chora” along with perfectly matched up gold jewels with hands embellished with “chuda” and mehendi along with a “odhni” size up the goodly look making you perfectly ready for your wedding day.

Baluchuri silk sarees:

This saree has been born from Vishnupur of West Bengal. The specialty of the saree is definitely its comfortable silk fabric which let you wear for long hours without any sort of distress and along with its easy manageable property. The highlights of this six-yard are it has got complete handwork on the saree right from the start to the hand. There is no use of the machine. Throughout the saree, you get to see a story picturized in the saree. However the complete hand hard hike up the price but it is perfect for wearing in a wedding. it takes long hours to finish up a saree thereby making it very special a high ranged one.



Though the sarees mentioned above are of the Indian origination has been manufactured and outsourced across the globe. Now the exchange of cultures has been giving the advantage of outsourcing it in different countries. It can be witnessed from the silk sarees apart from India may king of silk sarees are been manufactured in Japan, Sri Lanka, and china as well.


To the above context the kanjivram, Baluchi, and the benarasi are of silk fabric out the way of preparation is wide way different hereby the results i.e the finishing re different. These are also widely manufactured in china as well apart from the big silk market in India besides it used to be the wedding outfit for the Indian ladies. Nowadays the curriculum has changed with the changes in the taste of the flavors. As a result of which a huge amount of adaptation of culture is going on making it a way to choose over their respective traditional wedding outfits.

There are various other sorts of sarees which are definitely making a huge run in the marketing world. But when there is talk about a wedding you have got the above-mentioned examples to choose from in order to too gaudy and make that day a memorable one. For every woman their wedding day is special and the above-mentioned sarees make a little effort for making it a special day for you. Choosing any of the gaudy sarees will give you a completely different look and allow you to outshine on your wedding day.

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