To toss or not to toss the wedding bouquet

It never ceases to amaze me how the various wedding traditions started.  It’s funny that these traditions are still followed and yet no one really knows why.  Let’s take for example the bride tossing her bouquet.

Can you imagine getting married and people trying to tear pieces of your dress off because they want good luck.?  In the 14thcentury that’s what happened.  People thought that at least having a piece of the wedding dress would bring them good luck!  People literally tearing at your dress?  Those poor brides!

Today many brides try on a number of dresses looking for that perfect one. I’m sure you couldn’t  imagine  having people trying to tear pieces of it off as you wore it on your wedding  day.  What bride would look forward to that?

How could this be changed? To avoid this bride’s started tossing their bouquet as a good luck souvenir.  That sounds much better doesn’t it?  But what if you don’t want to toss your bouquet?  Are there any other choices?  Of course we always have choices so let’s check some of them out.

If your concern is that you want to keep your actual bouquet and yet still do the toss you could have a second bouquet perhaps one that has just a few flowers like this bride.

Another option is much like musical chairs only you pass the bouquet around and when the music stops the person holding the bouquet in effect has caught it.

You could also break from the norm and instead of tossing the bouquet to the single women you could toss it to the guys instead!

Talk about a cute idea what about presenting the bouquet to the person responsible for introducing the two of you?  You could also consider offering the bouquet to your grandmother or some else who played a very special roll in your wedding.

It’s not that unusual that as photographers and videographers we see couples breaking from tradition in one way or another.

The question is what about you?  Do you plan on tossing the bouquet? 

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