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Top 5 Tips on Capturing Tender Family Wedding Photos

Weddings are fun, exciting, and full of emotions for everyone apart from the bride and groom, families and friends of the couple are overjoyed. Capturing these beautiful moments is not as easy as it looks for a photographer.


In the midst of the wedding frenzy, with so many people ready to give the photographer a tip on how to make the picture better makes their job more challenging. But, photographers can use some tips and tricks to take memorable photos in the midst of all the excitement and joy.

1.    Make a Plan, Stick to It!

Let’s face it, the most challenging part of shooting a wedding portrait is the family portrait. What makes the job more arduous is looking for that uncle who had to go to the bathroom just when it was time for a photo.


Then people have to go look for the cousin who was looking for the open bar or chocolate fountain. After the photographer is done arranging everyone together for the photo, they all give their own input on how to make the picture better and that’s something no photographer wants.


To get through all the madness, the photographer can arrange a meeting with the bride and groom, come up with a strategy and decide the entire family photos right then and there. The best time to take family portraits is right after the ceremony ends. Sticking to the plan is a must, deviating from the plan could be disastrous.

2.    Look for a Family Drama and Think of Ways to avoid it

During the meeting with the bride and groom, ask questions about any continuing or previous family dramas. Identify the people involved in bitter divorces, family feuds, and other events that have forced family members to be bitter towards each other. Keeping them separate and far apart from each other is the key to a perfect wedding photo of the entire family.


3.    Choose the Right Location for Family Photos

Picking the right location for the photos is an important task for ideal family photos at a wedding. To do so the photographer could visit the location before the wedding and choose the perfect locations before the big day. Discussing the location with the bride and groom is necessary, tell them about the best areas for photos and they will make sure that everyone is there in time for the photo session.

4.    Picture with Parents

Taking a picture of the bride and groom with their parents separately are perfect for getting intimate photos with plenty of emotions. Taking photos of the bride with her father during the dance or taking a sweet tender photo of the bride and her mother will be a memorable portrait.

5.    Make a List of Family Photos and Share it With the Bride and Groom

The best way to include everyone in the family wedding portraits is to come up with a list of the immediate and extended family members. Include best friends of the bride and groom too, share the list with the couple to be wed and go through the checklist on the wedding day. This strategy is perfect to get a photo of everyone with the newlyweds.



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