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Lingerie is a French word that is popularly used to describe erotic underwear of all varieties. In England, lingerie is typically worn by those looking to be provocative or sexy, however in France, the sole sentiment of lingerie is intimacy. In line with this, today we are going to provide five lessons in which all women in England could learn from the French, and these lessons are:

Lingerie should be worn for yourself, and not for anyone else. If your partner appreciates your lingerie also, that is a mere side benefit that you can take advantage of. When selecting lingerie, you should not always think about what looks good and what others will like, you should simply select options in which will make you feel good. Confidence is vital and no one can feel confident when wearing lingerie in which they do not feel comfortable in. When wearing lingerie for yourself, and not with the sole intention of pleasing another, you will find you have more options to select form.


In France, women shy away from lingerie in bright and primary colours, opting for more subtle and beautiful lace lingerie sets for example in white, cream, black and smoky shades. Lingerie that isn’t brightly colours can not only look for sophisticated, but sexy too! This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t purchase coloured lingerie though, for instance, if you want to wear purple lingerie you could consider opting for lingerie in a muted mauve of pale lavender shade.


In France, clashing underwear is practically a sin, and women should strive to wear matching bra and panty sets where possible. Matching lingerie sets should not only be worn in the bedroom either, but simply everyday – If you are a woman that previously hasn’t paid much attention to lingerie you may think that this sounds difficult, and expensive, but you could simply start by purchasing a few nice lingerie sets to see if you can notice the difference.

A women’s lingerie drawer should always contain so much more than just bras and knickers, with many other options available including corsets, babydolls, chemises and much more. As much thought should be put into lingerie as any other garments, for example if going on a night out, you could wear a gorgeous corset, with a pair of jeans and nice heals.


While lingerie is for ourselves sharing a glimpse with others in France is considered to be both appropriate and elegant. However, this does not mean you should have your entire lingerie on display, you should simply subtly show it. This can be done by undoing a few buttons to reveal a little bra or wearing an off-the-shoulder-top to show a little bra strap.

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