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Why you should Consider a Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Although the more traditional crystal-clear diamond stones have long been the more common choice for engagement rings, coloured stones are now making their own bid, and many soon-to-be engaged individuals are listening. With a number of high profile coloured stone engagement ring choices over recent years, popularity in beautiful gemstone rings has surged beyond belief.

However, you shouldn’t just take our word for it, or even simply follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and other celebrities that wear coloured stone engagement rings. Therefore, we have created a list of the reasons as to why you should consider a coloured stone engagement ring, as opposed to often more traditional options.

Coloured Stone Engagement Rings can be Inexpensive

Although your partner is sure to want to buy you the most glamorous and amazing ring that money can buy, this isn’t always achievable. People are now warming to the idea that a ring is a symbol of love, rather than a reason to splash hundreds or even thousands of pounds, making the idea of a gemstone ring all the more appealing. If you truly don’t have the money to spend, or are choosing not to, then coloured stone engagement rings are almost certainly the choice for you, possessing their own beauty and meaning.

A More Personal Possession

Engagement rings are one of the most loved and treasured possession that an individual can own, and it is often the case that, the more personal the ring is to them, the more that it is adored. Gemstones can hold a hidden meaning that is special to the happy couple, and so coloured stone engagement rings can be much more personal. Along with the hidden meaning, a gemstone engagement ring can be tailored to you as a couple.

The Uniqueness of Coloured Stone Engagement Rings

One of the biggest selling points of gemstone engagement rings is the fact that they are typically considered to be extremely unique. Whilst those around you may boast their glamorous and dazzling diamond rings, you are likely to stand out with your bold and unique coloured stone ring. You are able to decide which stone you want based on personal preference, with an array of colours again being something that you can choose from. With a range of metal options from silver and platinum to yellow and white gold engagement rings, a coloured stone engagement ring truly can be tailored to exactly what you prefer, and is sure to stand out from the crowd.

The Hidden Meaning behind your Gemstone Ring

Opting for a coloured stone engagement ring can often be based on much more than personal preference or the interests of the wearer, particularly as different gemstones are said to have different meanings. Ancient Egyptians made claims that there is a certain vein running from your ring finger straight to your heart, and that depending on the stone that you choose, your marriage will be boosted with something special. Although you may not be a superstitious person, the hidden meaning behind your choice of ring can be something to hold on to and to cherish as a married couple.

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