Top Reasons Why Teardrop Vinyl Printed Banners Are Great For Advertising Your Business

Out-of-home advertising in the form of billboards, banners, bus signs, vehicle wraps, window stickers, etc., continues to play a vital role for businesses trying to grab eyeballs and drive traffic to their stores. According to a report in Entrepreneur, quoting a Nielsen study, people spend some 70% of their time out of the home. Teardrop vinyl printed banners represent one of the most effective ways of on-ground local advertising, especially for small businesses with their typical budgetary limitations. Advertising banners outside the business premises make a deep impression on their minds of potential customers who are more likely to buy your goods and services. Some of the most indisputable advantages of teardrop advertising flags include:

Ability to Generate Repeated Views

You can boost the brand awareness of your business considerably by strategically placing teardrop advertising banners in areas with high traffic. Since these banners are highly noticeable because of their unique shape and have a small footprint, it is easy for business owners to place them outdoor in parking lots or approach roads, outside the store, or even inside to create a colorful and vibrant buzz. With people getting the opportunity of repeatedly seeing your banners, they will recall your brand better and may drop in to explore your products.

Easy to Set Up

One of the biggest advantages of using a teardrop banner is that it is simple to assemble, take down, transport, and store. Essentially, there are only three components of the banner – the stand, the pole, and the vinyl printed banner. All you need to do is to select a vantage spot that has high traffic and a good line of sight. You should place the banner stand so that it is stable. Then, insert the banner pole and fix the vinyl banner for it to flutter and draw the attention of prospective customers. The dismantling is equally simple, and you can stow away the components in a bag until you want to reuse them. You can assemble and disassemble by yourself without any assistance, special skills, or tools.


Teardrop advertising banners is that they are incredibly versatile. Not only do you get ready-made banners with stock messages like Sale, Welcome, Open, etc. but also, you can design and print custom messages with your business logo and name. With the design and printing possible in a couple of days or so, you can always be ready to take advantage of business promotion opportunities with unique and compelling slogans. The banners can be customized with not only custom design and printing but also size. The one-time investment in buying the banners delivers a high return because you can keep on using them for a long time. If the advertising messages need to be changed, all you have to do is to print a fresh banner and you can fix it on the existing hardware.


Businesses that need to ensure local brand awareness and appeal to their target audience find teardrop vinyl banners extremely cost-effective in comparison to other methods of advertising. Adaptable and portable, you can buy as many of these banners without spending a bomb.

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