Roses that mirror you!

With different varieties and glitzy colours, roses have absolutely won their status in every era so far. Flowers have their own language, so do the roses. Each colour says something. If it is being hard enough for you to convey your feelings through word then you should definitely take help of flowers.


As you all know that the red rose is the symbol of love and romance. If you want to show it nothing is better than a bouquet of red roses. On Valentines Day almost 37% of the people exchange these.


They depict feminism, elegance and grace. Pink roses are come under light and dark shades. The former one symbolizes appreciation, gratitude while the latter denotes admiration and happiness.


An ideal way to say thanks, get well soon or congratulations! They are the symbol of flourishing friendship and joy.


They are given to those who make you feel proud or you might even want them to know better. It signifies blazing passion and enthusiasm.


The colour is expresses purity and innocence. They are given when you venerate one and what to tell them that they are very significant in your life. The least used color on Valentines Day is this; only 5% of the people give each other white roses.


They are given to those who you think are unique and made you head over heels the moment you saw them.

Choose your colour wisely!!

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