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The Best Man’s Guide to Looking Great

When you’re selected as the best man, it comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility.  You have to get the ring to the chapel in one piece.  You have to plan an unforgettable stag weekend.  Overall, you need to be an emotional rock for your best friend as he embarks on one of the most significant journeys of his life. 


But perhaps the most…


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Giving space to the new daughter in law

Marriage is not just a union of two souls, it is the coming together of to entire families. This is especially true in arranged marriages where the families play a major role in finding brides and grooms, fixing up the pair and then arranging the wedding. Joint families are a norm in India and brides must know that they are going to live with their in laws when they are married and enter a…


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Make your Wedding Special with Garden Tents

Decoration is a very important part when it comes to weddings. There are various ways by which you can spruce up your wedding decorations in a really unique way. A little touch of creativity is something that everyone appreciates and you can make your wedding truly an affair to remember!…


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10 Best Shampoos for Men!

Every man wants healthy hair but often the things go out of hands when problems like hair thinning, falling, dandruff etc. come to the surface. Due to this, many men try endless number of hair products and even opt for medical treatments to get healthy hair. However, very few guys out there know that perfect hair starts in their shower. Yes, you read that right! Instead of spending tons of money on treatments and products, pick the right…


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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue in Florida?

There is no denying the fact that every one of us consider wedding as the most important event of our lives and we always want to make it the most special memory of our lives. However, hosting a wedding event is not a piece of cake and we need to consider a lot of factors that can affect our final decision. Indubitably, wedding Venue selection is one of the most critical factors and amidst a lot of options for…


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Valentine’s Day flower Statistics

Roses that mirror you!

With different varieties and glitzy colours, roses have absolutely won their status in every era so far. Flowers have their own language, so do the roses. Each colour says something. If it is being hard enough for you to convey your feelings through word then you should definitely take help of flowers.…


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Some famous engagement rings in Hollywood movies

When it comes to bling; no one does it better than Hollywood's movie stars. Engagement rings are a universal symbol of love and commitment. If you’re excited to buy an engagement ring for your fiancé, then well done, you are about to embark on an intimidating journey into the beautiful…


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