Make your Wedding Special with Garden Tents

Decoration is a very important part when it comes to weddings. There are various ways by which you can spruce up your wedding decorations in a really unique way. A little touch of creativity is something that everyone appreciates and you can make your wedding truly an affair to remember!

If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding, then a nice way to do it would be with the help of garden tents. The decorations will be determined whether it is during the day time or at night and the tents will be used accordingly.

Let us take a look at some of the ways in which you utilize the garden tents for decoration:

  1. You can buy one big garden tent for sale online. These tents can accommodate around 200 people, depending upon its size. You can arrange for small tables and chairs and also if possible accommodate a stage or platform for the ceremony to be conducted. This tent can serve as a large sitting area. However, if there is any use of fire for any of the ceremonies then you can use another open tent outside. It is best not to use fire or other flammables in a closed space like this.

  2. Instead of going for a large tent, you can opt for small and simple garden tents spread all over the lawn. Each tent can accommodate a table where around 5-6 people can sit. Make sure that the tables are decorated nicely. If it is during the morning, then bright shades or white work really well. You can use numerous garden tents and make a platform in the centre of the lawn for the bride and groom to stand or for the ceremony to be conducted.

  3. If white is your theme, then you should decorate accordingly. Stick to white only if it is during the daytime. When going for one large tent you have to use accessories that look good. Small flower decorations as centre pieces for the table and golden coloured chivari chairs look very good. You can add small dangling chandeliers to highlight the decorations a little bit.

  4. When decorating for the evening, multiple garden tents look much better. Go for darker shades like red for the tent. Make sure that the lighting is apt. Use these tents only in the eating area. These tents should accommodate only tables where around 12 people can sit. Make sure that each table has names on them. Stick to a simple light in the centre of the tent.

  5. You can go for longitudinal garden tents. You can look up various garden tent manufacturers and get hold of a tent of this shape. Use cage lights with electric candles as lights and line the two sides of the entire length of the tent with tables. If it is a day time wedding, drape the tables and the chairs in white. Make sure that there are lovely bouquets as centre pieces on the tables.

Tents are one of the best ways to decorate when it comes to outdoor weddings. If you want to wed in a different style, then go for tents!

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