The Best Man’s Guide to Looking Great

When you’re selected as the best man, it comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility.  You have to get the ring to the chapel in one piece.  You have to plan an unforgettable stag weekend.  Overall, you need to be an emotional rock for your best friend as he embarks on one of the most significant journeys of his life. 


But perhaps the most important of all your responsibilities is your appearance.  As best man, you’ll be front and center throughout all the wedding festivities from the rehearsal dinner to your big speech at the reception.  You could be a powerful public speaker or even a master activity planner, but if your look falls flat or your grooming isn’t up to par, none of that will matter.  You’ve got to bring your A-game, no questions asked.



It doesn’t matter how much of a hipster you are or how natural you like your facial hair.  This isn’t your day; it’s time to get cleaned up.  If you’re rocking a beard, you don’t need to shave it off.  But make sure you’ve given it a good, thorough wash and comb-through before the big day.  Also, be sure to moisturize it with beard oil and trim the split ends. Just because it’s fully grown doesn’t mean it can’t look nice.


For the hair up top, don’t try anything new.  Your best friend’s wedding is not the place to debut your faux-hawk.  Stick to classic cuts and styling. If anything, go for a pompadour or some flamboyant style that’s still wedding-appropriate.


It should go without saying that you need to turn up freshly showered and squeaky clean, and don’t forget that splash of aftershave. Ensure your nails are neatly trimmed for when you hand over that all important wedding ring. Consider investing in a good teeth whitening product, although of course you are not the focus on the big day, your smile will still be in a large number of the wedding pics.


Suit Fit

You probably won’t have to worry about color or pattern because of the wedding theme.  This will be pre-selected ahead of time.  But just because you’re matching the wedding party doesn’t mean your suit shouldn’t fit perfectly.  Once you know what you’ll be wearing, work with your tailor to tweak every aspect of the look. 


Your trousers should be slim but not tight.  You want them to feel modern but not restricting.  Also, pay attention to the break.  The break is the bottom part of your leg opening that hits your shoe.  There should be a little slack here with your pant leg resting just atop your shoe.  A great tailor will know exactly how to get this just right.  Don’t settle for anything less.


With your blazer, you want it to be similarly modern and cut slim.  When it’s fully buttoned, you should feel it resting on your torso but not squeezing it by any means.  Your sleeves should stop just before your wrist so about a half-inch of shirt cuff shows through.



Some grooms will pre-ordain shoe choices; some won’t.  If you don’t have the luxury of selecting your shoes, make sure you get them professionally shined so they’re gleaming on the wedding day.  If you do get to choose them, stick to the classics.  A traditional oxford works for every occasion and a wedding is no exception.  It’s a simplistic style that always evokes refinement.



Weddings are a great occasion to go a little bolder and more expressive with your accessory choices.  Don’t be afraid to pick out a strong, brightly colored lapel pin to add some variation to your look.  It’s a small way to set you apart from the rest of the wedding party, and it can add some playful depth.  Feel free to wear a French cuff shirt so you can rock some flashy cuff links.  They’re a minor detail but still a fun one.  And don’t forget about socks.  Your socks can be as bright as you’d like.  They’ll only be visible when you’re sitting, and it’s likely no one will be looking at your feet when you’re sitting down to dine.  Go wild here!


Ties, like some of the other accessories, really depend on your groom’s strategy.  If there’s a pre-selected look, you won’t have flexibility here.  If you do, you can’t go wrong with a simple, black bow tie.  Bow ties instantly elevate suiting looks to black tie territory.  Just be sure to take some time learning how to tie them before the wedding day.  This isn’t a skill easily learned in just a few minutes.


Don’t Outshine the Groom

If you have the freedom to alter details and put your own look together, just remember your job here is to complement the groom-not outshine him.  When guests look to the altar, they shouldn’t be distracted by your outfit.  You need to look presentable; you need to be well-dressed.  But you’re not the star of the show. Feel free to experiment with classic pieces but don’t get crazy. One of your primary duties is to let your best friend take center stage.


Whether your look is part of an organized ensemble or a free-flowing, individual affair, make sure to clean up well but leave the groom some space to show off.


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