Decoration catches the eye the most during a wedding. However, while the wedding may have already been planned, it is incomplete without beautiful decoration. The decoration of the venue decides the general feel of the wedding that one has organised; it can make or break the whole look of the wedding. Most people like to spend a lot on decoration because the Indian wedding is nothing if not larger-than-life in its setting. There is nothing that can beat the beauty of flowers and twinkling lights everywhere; you are almost transported to a distant fairy land or a fantasy.

Wedding decorators, especially in a country like India where people are so obsessed with weddings, are very particular about the kind of decoration that they would like to attempt for the client. Like each wedding is different, so is the decoration. It is decided only after consulting with the family members so as to understand how they’d like the wedding venue to look and how would they like it to be organised. This is also an essential exercise because then, the couple can better express their feelings about the wedding.

Wedding decorators in metros like Mumbai and Delhi, where weddings are conducted on a large scale and the clients are likely to want classy affairs with a touch of the Indian flavour, have to maintain a very fine balance of elegant and fun. In order to maintain this balance, there are some tips that decorators keep in mind:

1. Simple is Best

Too much of anything is never a good idea. Same goes for decoration. Whether it is the bride or the venue, excess decor never goes down well with the guests. Excessive decoration looks messy and pulls away from the sanctity of the event. So while weddings can be considered quite the flashy business, it is a beautiful experience for the couple and that should be evident in the decoration.

2. Location

As India is a huge country and our beauty lies in the diverse cultures, it is important that a wedding be organised according to its location. While people may like to have a contemporary look in a place like Delhi, people in Rajasthan may be comfortable with the traditional setting and anyway, a place adds its own charm to the venue. This is one of the reasons why India has many foreigners marrying in the palaces of Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. It is the essence of the place that adds life to the decoration. So, the decoration should be such that it reflects the feel of the place and is inspired its history.

3. Budget

Getting exotic vases and flowers or chandeliers is all good but you should be careful not to spend beyond your budget. While decorating the venue, pick out things that bring out the beauty of the venue even if they are not too expensive. We know that while a wedding is a one-time affair but the money that is saved may come in handy for the couple later on. Do not exceed your budget.

Set an upper limit so that you know what things you have to pick up and figure how to work creatively within this budget. Let the wedding be a beautiful memory forever. Do not mar it with the memory of the long list of bills that you had to settle later on.

These are just some of the basic things that you should pay attention to. Make your wedding worth remembering.

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Comment by Audrey Maria on July 13, 2020 at 7:48am

Depending on your venue contract, there might be a few restrictions when it comes to the type of wedding decorations you can bring in or alterations you can make to space. From elegant candelabras to rustic vintage crates, there are so many ideas to choose from.  I was searching for ideas and got enough knowledge regarding Best ways to decorate the wedding ceremony. Thanks for sharing.

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