3 Reasons You Don't Have More Facebook Fans


Wedding Professionals:

With over 600 million users, it’s no wonder why Facebook has become a go-to marketing channel for attracting and communicating with prospective wedding clients. Facebook can deliver more customer interaction with your business than most websites can. Many wedding professionals have taken the first step by setting up a Facebook business page. However, they have been stumped as to why they aren’t getting many fans. More importantly, they are wondering why their page isn’t coming alive with comments and conversations – activity that eventually leads to sales. Here are 3 reasons why your business isn’t getting the number of fans and conversations that it deserves:

  1. People aren’t aware of your Facebook page. One small Facebook icon at the bottom of your website isn’t good enough anymore. You should market your Facebook page in every available channel possible. This includes your website, blog, email, advertising, etc. Feel free to use the Social Plug-ins that Facebook provides. This enables people to become a fan, comment, "like," and recommend your business without ever leaving your website.
  2. People visit your Facebook page but don’t become fans. Of the people that visited your Facebook business page this week, how many became a fan? Facebook actually provides this information to you through its Insights Reports.  It’s important that you monitor this data regularly. Think about marketing your Facebook page just like you would one of your products or services.  In addition, the best way to maximize your visitor-to-fan ratio is to present non-fans with a custom landing tab. A custom landing tab can welcome new visitors, promote deals, and even call attention to new products/services. Ultimately, its main goal is to give people a reason to become your fan by offering clearly communicated benefits. 
  3. You have an ineffective Wall posting strategy. The wedding professionals who are succeeding in Facebook understand that the more they engage their fans, the more their fans are likely to engage with their business. Honeymoon Pixie is an example of a wedding business that is doing this right. Once a day, they have gotten into a routine of publishing compelling tips, questions and offers on their page’s Wall. In my opinion, they consistently deliver valuable/helpful information to their fans and encourage their fans to Like or Comment on their content.

Many wedding businesses push out news or content and just expect that their fans will respond. If you want your fans to interact, start asking for their opinions. Post one to two times a day.  Respond to as many posts as you can. Remember - every time a fan responds to or "likes" your news feed item, that information is shared with their friends.  When you get this right, Facebook becomes a very cost effective channel for attracting and engaging new wedding clients.


What Facebook tips can you share with our wedding community? Please share your tips by commenting below.


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Comment by Dressy Girl Kouture on September 20, 2011 at 11:53am

Grt Tips!!! as Always :)

We also have our Facebook and Twitter landing page links added to our biz emails at the bottom. Also on our online Thank you emails we ask if our current customers could give us a review on our facebook page!

Comment by Sofia Invitations and Prints on September 21, 2011 at 11:53am
I find that by posting regularly on my facebook page, blog, and tweeting..... my chances of being found through a google search are increasing.  If you get into the habit of posting through your social media sites at a steady time every day, this becomes so easy to do!  And of course, it is free!

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