I am a planner I primarily do partial planning and month of coordination. I am having a hard time getting my business of the ground and was thinking of partnering or teaming up with someone we would both have our own separate business but we would put some type of package togehter that we could market.  This could even be a designer who does not do planning, photographer or any vendor or venue that does not offer a planner / coordinator.  I thought this might help with my business as well as helping the other parties involved.  Have any of you done this or what do you think of the idea.



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I also wanted to add, that any vendor interested in working with me would also get exposure via my social networking sites. I have also done blog guest interviews, etc. I also have a "Preferred Vendor" tab on my website which I can add my partnering vendors to, all in the interest of partnering and networking, all for free. Again, my audience is nationwide, but I list my vendors by location.

Here is the tab: http://www.invitationsbyyvonne.com/vendor.html

Thanks again,

~ Yvonne



Hi Keisha, I've paired with other vendors I've met on forums.


One, a stationary vendor:  she put out a call for photos - I sent her about ten of my floral photos.  She picked from the photos (and from a photographer who submitted as well), and created a "color trend" pdf with all of our info on it.  She shared it with us.  We use it as a hook....I also print them up and hand them out as a "freebie" giveaway item.  I loved this idea.


Another vendor was a local planner I met on a forum:  we met for coffee and brainstormed for about 4 hours...we really hit it off.  We have a loosely organized wedding "association", no dues.  Our main idea was to put on "bridal shows" by teams of vendors who want to participate - but more casual, with a venue vendor hosting and everyone else chipping in to pay actual costs to advertise, and all of us social networking it.  I realize the work that the bridal show promoters put into it, but I can't afford to pay $1500 for a 4 hour booth!!!! - PLUS the cost of my flowers and the day ahead prep for it!


With a small vendor team, stage a wedding layout for popular blogs....you all get credit.  One blog I know is using this website for submissions, and apparently the wedding mags use it too.  But I guess only photographers can submit, not other vendors:



Create your own wedding lifestyle blog!  Study the popular blogs - not to copy, but to see what works -  and start writing.  You don't have to limit yourself to one blog, either...with blogspot, you can have more than one niche!  Invite other vendors to guest blog, or blog about them...everyone likes to be featured!  Then they can blog, tweet, or fb that they've been blogged and it drives more traffic to you.  Also, you can use "Project Wonderful" to get advertisers:  http://www.projectwonderful.com/.   Or, I notice with a local one, her vendor contacts are her advertisers:  http://www.fancypantsweddings.com/lake-tahoe-real-wedding/

That's my Lake Tahoe wedding featured (I was the florist).  She never mentions who she is, but she has the preferred advertising spot.  But she still has other vendors of her type advertising there, too.  She apparently got my wedding because the photographer on this wedding submitted to Two Bright Lights....I got a shout-out because she recognized the wedding from my blog.


My blog like this is at:  http://www.thefabulousbride.blogspot.com/


Another way to network and team with other vendors is to use tools such as "thisnext" or stumble:


The link above goes to mine.  Sometimes I pick randomly, but a lot of times it's with vendors on forums, or artfire or etsy that I work with.

I would suggest keeping in touch with the vendors you know from other events and/or networking opportunities.  As a caterer, we work closely with several planners.  They literally only contact us when they want an event catered (even their own). And it works the other way, too!  When a client would like a planner, we refer them to the planners with whom we've worked.  This way, it's not necessarily a package. Also, contact different vendors in the area and let them know you are new in town and would like to discuss their business to help them--and vice versa. A business owner always likes to hear that they may earn some business-especially from a planner who coordinates events. Good luck! 

This is all great advice thank you.

As a wedding officiant, I set up an Intimate Ceremony Package where we use a photographer, a wedding location, and a particular florist to offer the whole package that includes everything and me as an officiant. We have a back up photographer and also use local State beaches for location. This works well in Half Moon Bay CA by the Pacific ocean, also in SF. www.weddingsbythesea.com/packages.html

Terry, thank you for sharing your website and packages with us!  I'm in a destination location too (Sierra foothills) and have considered doing this but for the logistics.


What do you do if it rains???



Hey guys,


I am a planner in St. Lucia in the Caribbean.  I am also interested in partnering with vendors creating these Special Moments.  I think it could work out really well as I provide destination weddings and my target market is closer to many of you guys.... invitations, favors even photographers would be a great place to start with partnerships.  Anyone interested please contact me.



Hi Keisha I'm from Italy and I'm partnering with anoter wedding planner here in Italy and it would be great to me if we could get in touch for future events... had you any request for taly, just contact me!!
You might not necesarily have to team up with other vendors, but definently meet with vendors to let them know you are there.  I'm a caterer, and local networking is HUGE for me.  I always tell a bride they need to hire a planner, so I give them a list of names during my first consult with them.  Talk to catering companies, designers, rental companies and venues.  Make sure everyone in town has your business card.  I've also seen venues recommend one particular event planner.  They like it because that planner gets to know their venue and their in-and-outs.  You might be able to get an exclusivity contract with one if you try. 
Great question with a lot of good advice offered. Because most posters talked about doing some sort of referral/commission thing, I'd recommend reading Referral Engine by John Janstch of Ductape Marketing. Very detailed information on how to really automate referrals in your business.

You might also think about doing the JV-joint venture- model that's popular now. You could team with a complementary business an simply cross-promote to each others list.

What you need to be very clear about is: what are your goals, specifically around revenue and referrals; how you will evaluate things i.e x amount of referrals/income in Y months= success; how you will solve issues (because there will be some).

I read a ton of biz magazine and online forums. I'm sure places like StartupPrincess.com will have discussion and tools to help.
I own a Bridal Boutique in a small town/destination wedding area.  I am starting to "Partner Up" with Hotel wedding planners, non-competing businesses in the Bridal Field for referrals.  I would not suggest partnering up with another Bridal Salon in the Same town..but maybe in another city out of state.....this can backfire so becare ful....I would keep your partnering with local businesses...so they stay in town and keep their dollars local..Cathy
I am a flower vendor and would love to partner up! http://www.flowersbycarolyn.com


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