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I'm a wedding planner in the Coastal Plains areas of Texas, and I've only been in business for a year. I've gotten two separate bridal leads within the past month, that I have yet to have a response to either one.

I emailed a response within 2 hours of their initial emails. I was professional and explained my services and asked them both to let me know what dates they were available to meet for the initial appointment.

The first bride responded only after I sent a follow up email a week later. She said she was having issues from a previous surgery and that she would get back to me. It's been 3 weeks since she has done so. She didn't give me any other info besides her first name and her email. I have no phone number to call. I'm just giving up on that lead.

The second bride, and most recent one, emailed a much more thorough interest email to me. I responded right away. I was professional and asked for a few dates that she would be available to meet in the next two weeks. I didn't get a response, so I waited a week, and then called the phone number she gave me in the email. I left a voicemail, and then sent a follow up email. It's been another week, and I have had no response. Grrrrr....no response from this bride whatsoever.

I'm not desperate for business, but I just don't get why these brides are emailing me about being interested, and then they don't respond to my emails or phone calls.

Have any of you had issues like this before, and do you have any suggestions to get bridal leads to be actual booked clients? What is your solution for non-responsive brides?

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Hi there.  Sometimes brides can be flaky, but maybe the issue is exactly what you are saying when you respond to their emails.  My advice is to visit bookmorebrides.com and check out there tips on how to respond to brides' inquiries in a way that will help you book more consultations and subsequently, more weddings.  Good luck!

Yes, this is a frustration most wedding vendors face.  Frequently.

The only remedy is to experiment with your response until it gets the result you want.

Here's one tip that works wonders to book the meeting quickly: instead of asking them when they're available to meet (this can mean dozens of back and forth emails), name a specific date and time for a quick phone call.  Once you get them on the phone, you can book the meeting much faster.

Just say, "Do you have time tomorrow at 2pm for a quick phone chat?"

She'll either say yes, or she'll say no and propose a better time.  It's MUCH more effective.

Another technique is to include some sort of limited time offer or deadline.

These brides are interested because they've emailed you, but they're also busy and overwhelmed.  It's up to you to get 'em off their butts.  :)


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