Hello bridal tweeters!
My husband Ryan and I are prepping for our first bridal show this weekend. 
We really do not know what to expect, so any input would be great: Do's and Don'ts, etc. 
Thank you very much!

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Here are a few to get you started...

DO something to stand out. You need to get the bride's attention first so that you can get a chance to speak with her. If you have a big, attention-getting photo (think a little outrageous) to use as a conversation starter, that's perfect.

DO collect the bride's name, date, cell, work and home phone numbers and address at your booth. You can do this by offering a no strings attached giveaway. (Don't raffle off a discount, for example.)

DO follow up after the show by phone, snail mail and email.

DO spend some time networking with other vendors before the brides arrive. This is one of the most valuable things about a bridal show.

DO ask the bride her wedding date right away. Don't waste your time or hers if you aren't available for her date.

DO be excited! Ask the bride questions about her wedding and try to focus on helping her instead of selling her.

DON'T do what everyone else is doing or make your booth look like every other booth. Be different.

Cool idea - Bring some sheets of stickers to the show. When you talk to a bride, give her a sheet of stickers and recommend that she puts a sticker on the information of every vendor she likes so it's easy to keep track of them. You might demonstrate by putting the first sticker on your business card. *wink*

I'm sure others can add to this list. Anyone have some specific tips advice to offer?
Great! thank you!


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