I am curious as to how many wedding vendors send out client survey's after your event.  I come from a hospitality background so it is a natural thing for me to send a survey out to my clients.  I also send it to the Mother of The Bride if I have had numerous meetings with her involved, it works to get different perspectives.  The only way to improve your services thus growing your business is to request feedback wheter it be positive or negative, we learn from every event!  I would love to hear from you!!!

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We send post-wedding surveys to every client after the wedding.  It helps us identify areas for improvement, what we're doing well, how we compare to our competition and even new features and services our clients want that we don't currently have.


We actually send our survey results (95+) to couples who are considering hiring us.  They provide powerful real evidence about our performance and value.


It's scary when you first start using surveys, but I highly recommend it.  Your business will definitely benefit.

Interestingly enough, I now send out surveys after each event thanks to Stephanie's advice.  Years ago I used to send out surveys via snail mail, but stopped.  Now I'm back at it again electronically.
I don't send a survey exactly but I do email the client for feedback good/bad


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