With the economy taking a nose dive the trend has been for a lot of brides to scale back on spending and mainly coordinate and plan their weddings themselves. Wedding Planners do charge a fee for their services but some brides don't see the benefits. Wedding Planners are a tremendous help in working out a budget, day of wedding coordination and helping brides realize their wedding day dreams. Any thoughts on this?

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Absolutely! You do not want to be thinking about anything but having fun and looking beautiful at your wedding. A wedding planner is behind the scenes making sure all goes smoothly so you don't have to wonder about whether or not the cake knife is next to the cake or if the dinner will come out on time so the guests aren't left waiting.

Also, my planner was able to tell me who some really great vendors were, and she gave me a nice list to choose from.

I had a great wedding planner and never gave a second thought to how my day was going to go. I just showed up and had a great time. When we got to our hotel room that night, the planner had even made sure there was cake and a midnight snack waiting for us. :)
So that wh
at we say! I think that most brides like to plan their own weddings , so we need to be specific in what it is that they are paying us for. Have you ever watched that show Bridezilla, Have you noticed that the Brides never have their MOH helping them with the DIY project.. Perhaps we can concentrate on such personal services we can offer our brides. Not just people we know in the industry, but really take an interest in our clients. Just a Thought !

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At the very least, a day of wedding coordinator is helpful. If you don't know where to begin, a wedding planner can help you stay focused and organized. Most of the wedding planners that I work with help things run smoothly, especially the ones that I know well. We get a routine down as we get to know each other which makes things move more smoothly on the day of the event.
I am a photographer in France. In my opinion, no the wedding planners are not useful. they are the guarantors of a successful day, they will manage everything, even small unexpected, without worrying the couple and guests...

In France, attitudes are different. People prefer to hold their wedding themselves because they are stingy! they wish to hold great ang big things, but the lowest possible. They want luxury in hard discount supermarkets ! lol
For them wedding planners are a matter of rich. But a small portion of the population begins to understand the interests of wedding planners, and realize that it's not to "seem to be rich" but it's really useful !
yes they are very useful with helping the brides with all function of their event
As planners or wedding vendors, we are all convinced of the wisdom of hiring a planner. Of course, I hope that brides will want to hire me for full-service planning, but I know the reality of wedding budgets. I offer a free consultation and I always ask about the total wedding budget. If the budget doesn't support a full-service package, I never try to convince the couple to over-extend themselves but immediately focus on offering day-of-wedding coordination. I will also work by the hour, I try my best to offer them some assistance within their budget.
I absolutely agree...There are some very budget friendly Planners out there...That takes a bride on a budget very seriously. I planned my own wedding, I would never recommend it to anyone even if you are in the wedding business tooooooo much stress...A wedding planner can also help to keep certain vendors from making you spend toooo much money...Smooches
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regardless of your budget, having a low stress/enjoyable day should always take priority! A wedding planner is sooooo important. If you can't afford the full wedding planning package then at least get he day of coordination.
I am agree on your talking. Some of people are preparing their wedding themselves but rest of depending on wedding planners. Wedding planners are providing the most cheapest wedding planning..

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We did our own wedding , a little over three years ago. My wife is a planner/coordinator and I a DJ/Host who does a large part of the scheduling and coordination for my clients. Ours was a wonderful wedding day but, we both agree, we were foolish to not have a "professional day coordinator". We would have enjoyed it so much more without the worry.
I am a wedding planner in Upstate NY, and yes, with the economy, scaling back is definitely first and foremost in brides minds. However, also very central in "engaged couples" minds is the goal of having the most beautiful, enjoyable, and hasslefree day - a day inspired by love, family, commitment, and memory-building. To achieve that goal is where wedding planners can be of assistance. Wedding planners take care of everything from fluffing the brides train, to lining up the wedding party, to answering to the reception venue, to directing guests, to guiding other wedding day vendors, to so much more. The bride and groom do not have time to do many of these things - nor do they want to. What they want is a day that is all about them! Wedding planners can ensure that. In addition, wedding planners can also work within their budgets - if they want to scale back, wedding planners can search out through their pipeline of resources the best deals for their bridal couple clients. Wedding planners have access to a lot of resources that brides/grooms may not have nor may not know about. So, in conclusion, brides and grooms, do not discount the wedding planner - they have insight into many areas and can be a very huge help to you on what is the most important day of your lives!
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The time you realize that a coordinator is in order is usually AFTER things go wrong............ We spend YEARS dreaming of the day and then "trust" that it will all "work out" they way it should. Do you REALLY want to chance your special day? Or even worse, Do you want to do it on your own instead of playing hostess?
A great coordinator knows the people in the business that are professional and reliable. I actually worked with my vendors (for free) so I could see HOW they worked in a real setting (when I wasnt involved in working.)
You are paying for expertise and reassurrance.
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