As a wedding photographer, I do my best to support the other vendors I work with in my little world. I provide images to all vendors by creating a temporary website for each wedding. My vendors can go and download high resolution images of their amazing creations.

What else can I do? I'd love your suggestions.

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Hi, I also am a wedding photographer and also try to support other vendors. I ask the brides when they book if they need any referrals to a DJ, florist, etc. I have business cards of the vendors I refer and they have mine. Brides are usually very thankful for the information and it saves them some research if you can refer a vendor that will do a great job for them. I would like to work out something with other vendors that we could share sales leads, instead of just hoping that they remember to hand our your cards. Your website sounds like a great idea. If you make sure the other vendors give you photo credit when they use your images that becomes free advertising also.
great idea! I like how you have a page dedicated to it instead of us trying to get one emailed to us. Nice. As an event planner, I am constantly referring vendors to my clients. To support other vendors is my job. LOL
I try to network with as many vendors as possible, exchanges business cards, mention them to my brides and provide them with any images i take at weddings. Other things I've see people do are list preferred vendors on their website or blog or provide brides with a list of preferred vendors when they meet potential clients.
I love to partner with photographers and wedding planners to offer all the brides on a budget the opportunity to create their own wedding album using the photos the photographers gave them the CD with the copyrights of.

Nowadays every penny saved is important, and sometime giving this opportunity is the best way for a photographer or a wedding planner to show that they really care about the bride and groom and are not just trying to get as much money as possible out of them.

When a client asks me for a wedding album, invitation, thank you car, signature book etc, I ask them if they already have a photographer, and if not, I would love to refer them to the photographer/wedding planner closer to their area.
This a great idea, we try to do the same.
Having promotional materials available in your studio from other vendors that you want to network with and endorse is a great way to be supportive. In turn, those vendors should do the same for you. This gives bridal couples a much more well rounded array of services for them to select from.
I have been trying to do this as well. I wanted to get a small group going local in colorado, this way I would be able to build relationships with the vendors, for me it is difficult due to I do not have a studio. I think in our field it is harder for us so we have to come together.
As a wedding cinematographer, I post clips on my site movie theatre and write about the weddings on my blog. Every blog post mentions all the vendors I have worked with on each wedding so that these professionals can get a direct acknowledgment for the contribution they've made to my film and to the wedding itself.
I've asked my photographer and planner friends to ask their couples whether they are considering having their weddings filmed rather than asking if they are looking for a videographer. As a high end (and expensive!) wedding film maker, I find that my couples wrinkle their noses and cringe at the mere mention of wedding videography but often are curious about wedding film.
Hello! I agree that internal professional marketing is a way for us to help each other and our brides! If other wedding professionals are willing to provide their brides with information on whether in the form of a banner with our partnership program, or a coupon, I am happy to include other services on our preferred vendors page to offer additional services and assistance to our brides as well! It's so much nicer to work together and the more help you can offer to your bride, the more they remember and recommend you! :)
I am a professional pianist with Notes of Celebration. I play for weddings and events in the Portland, OR area. I work with DJ's occasionally; I play the music for the prelude and ceremony, the DJ takes over for the reception. Most of the time the bride has booked her other vendors when she contacts me for music, but I have often referred her to a DJ, other musicians, or an entertainment booking agent if she is looking for music/entertainment other than I offer. I am always delighted when the photographer/videographer shares any photos with me. The photographer then gets credit if I use the photo in advertising.

I have a "links" page on our website: Http://
I also keep business cards of other professionals we have worked with on a coffee table where our brides and
grooms can see them when they come in to meet with me.
All of the professionals who have recommended us are either on our links page or have cards on our coffee table.
I have been performing and Officiating weddings that I write personaly for each distinct couple , for 18 years
I have built great relationships with many wonderful people who are talented ,caring photographers and musicains. , I help really nice people by suggesting who would be great match for them from the coupels that I met. I put timeand energy into matching the couple's style to the natural fit of a potentilal photograhper for example .This is Good KARMA ! , Plain and simple ! ---Some vendors "get It "and do thank me for being gracaiuos enough to talk about them , other vendorsinmy time wiwth the couples . . I can only do this with people whose standards are high and full of Intregrity ! , If It is a Flop! and the vendor let's them Down , OH DEAR ! ---; as I was the ONE who told them" Go hire So and so !SARAH BUNNETT -GIBSON --------------HOPE tHIS WORKS FOR YOU JASON


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