When it comes to thinking of and creating new blog posts (I'm in a lull right now in fact), trying to be active in social media, and maintaining and bumping up my SEO, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Even with just one of these important tasks, like keeping up with social media, how can you do it without missing something? I don't really know what I'm asking here, because I'm sure there is no simple answer.

Maybe we can start a discussion on tools and suggestions for managing it all.

For example, Google Reader is great for reading blogs that you love!

Even if it's old news to you, your suggestion could help out someone else. Thanks!

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Some of my favorite tools:

- Hootsuite for scheduled tweets

- Google Reader, a must for keeping tabs on the latest blog posts and news

- Google Alerts to get emails and feeds of wedding-related topics, my business name and target keywords

- Social RSS for auto-posting blogs to Facebook

- Twitterfeed for auto-posting blogs to Twitter

That's all I can think of for right now...
Now that's the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks so much for your response!
SEO wise, we use PLUGINSEO. They specialise in hunting out key topics to link to to boost the organic 'ness of your rankings.

All the best,

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Thanks, Stephanie.  I head heard of these, but never really knew what they were for.  Will definitely use them from now on

I am doing the advertising for a bridal show coming up this Sunday. Any suggestions for a last minute push to get brides to be to attend?

I would suggest using tweetdeck to manage social media pages. With Tweetdeck you can update post and utilize links.
Also using a weblog with social media buttons helps engage Brides. Look at our weblog as an example

Michael King
Thank you!
Thanks for the tip on Google Reader, Stephanie--I didn't know about that! (And THANKS for your BA Univ. conf. call! I enjoyed that today).

Balancing my personal social media--friends, family, meetup groups--AND my business often makes me feel like I'm online ALL the time.

I update my business FB page every day, which auto-posts to my Twitter as well. So that maintains my pesonal web presence every day. This winter I'm going to catch up on blog posts from my busy 2010 summer of weddings--I hope that will remind winter brides that I'm ready, willing, and able for Summer 2011 jobs!

I take a few minutes every day to read FB & Twitter feed. My challenge is to build into my life time for reading BLOGS, LinkedIn & Yahoo professional groups...and remember that my business leads from these sources require FACE TO FACE meetings with the vendors, venues, and other wedding professionals I want to work with.

And ulitmately, I have to TRUST that I'm not "missing something," and if I did...I was meant to, and something else, something better is in store for me :)

Have a great day all, Rev. Annie NYC
If you're using a blog on your site a great way is to link your blog posts to your twitter account. If you're using wordpress even better as there are some great plugins for this. You could also look at using ping.fm and setting up all the web 2.0 properties listes and posting content through this, works great for building links and engaging and audience.

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Content on your website is critical for the spiders to come to your site and crawl it. I fill my site with good content at the bottom of each page. The content pertains to the page itself and I repeat several key words but it is not made to sound like I am selling something but more offering content to the people that come to my site.

I also know it is very important to switch up your home page occasionally. The more you change/update your site the more the search engines will crawl your site.

Back links are SO IMPORTANT. We all should have each others link on each others site. I am suprised that more people don't do this. The search engines know when you purchase links to "farmed out" sites. Linking to an authentic site will help you gain ranking on the internet.

Anyone who wants to do a link exchange please email me at service@weddingwarehouse.us My site is http://www.weddingwarehouse.us

Thank you. Valerie Schneider
Hey, Valerie.

You're right on about the importance of getting backlinks and having new content on your site. However, just a couple suggestions...

Changing your home page occasionally isn't go to do much to get the search engines to crawl your site. You really need to have new content at least 1-2 times per week for them to crawl it regularly. This is easiest to do with a blog.

There's also a new component in the Google algorithm that determines ranking and authority: activity. This means that the search engines are paying attention to what people do on your site, as measured by comments, length of visits and interactivity. This is becoming increasingly important, and there is evidence that shares on social networking are factored in, too.

I think it's wonderful for wedding pros to help each other out. However, linking to each others' websites does nothing for your website's page rank and authority. Just like the search engines can tell when you've paid for a link, they know when you're doing a link exchange. Even link circles (Jill links to Jay who links to Bob who links to Jill) are easy for them to detect.

The best back link is a one way anchor text link to your website from another site. (This is an example of an anchor text link where the keyword phrase is linked to the page.)

If you want to network with other wedding vendors to get these powerful one way links, you're better off doing guest blog posts on their site and ask them to include an anchor text link to your website in the byline. For example, "Las Vegas photographer" would be linked to your site.

Linking to an authority site doesn't get you anything; it's getting a one way link from an authority site that has power.

Like they say, a little knowledge is dangerous. :)
This is great! Just what I was looking for in an answer. Thanks to everyone so far!


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