Hi everyone,

I'm with Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo, and while we have hosted weddings in the past, I'm really looking to grow this piece of the business in the coming year. We've stuck with the traditional mailing, ads, etc. in marketing the Zoo as a venue for ceremonies or receptions, but I'm looking for some new avenues and recently found this site. If you are on another online forum, or can suggest some creative ways you have marketed your business, I would love to hear from you!

Thank you,
Lori Mott
Development and Event Coordinator
Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo
1875 Noble Ave.,
Bridgeport, CT 06610

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You have nothing on your website about weddings, just "special events"

i'd say create a page entirely for weddings, and post some pictures of past weddings. The events page on your site lacks pictures for people to actually see what a completed event looks like.
Also, join
and look into theknot.com
Check out momentville.com and onewed.com too
Great information, thanks!!!
Hi Lori!
What a beautiful idea -
In addition to the other websites that were mentioned, you can list yourself on

talk to your local planners and chamber of commerce

Maybe devote a special evening devoted to engaged couples in which you provide them a carriage tour around some of the most beautiful spaces for weddings there and a small little cocktail/mocktail time in a potential reception site with some drinks & hors d'oeurvers for them (pre-registration will be beneficial for this type of thing). Enlist the help of some local professionals to do a mock set up - a lot of brides are very VISUAL, and seeing it all decked out may make them NEED to get married there! Just a thought! :)

Right after engagement season would be perfect to catch those who don't yet have a site....
Good luck!

Other sites you might want to consider registering in are: wedding-online.com; wedshare.com; wedalert.com; wedspace.com.

I would also list how many guests you can accommodate as well, my experience with couples has been the more they see on the site the better. If couples have to email you and wait for information, they are more likely to go elsewhere.

We have started to use weddingwire.com a free listing, that might help you.
WeddingWire has a vendor forum where you can dialog with other vendors as well as posting your pitch to use the zoo.
Be sure to check out our Illuminated Flowers at www.BellaAeris.com if you are so inclined. They are battery-powered and can go almost everywhere....Warm Regards,Ann
Thanks for all the new ideas! Our new Weddings webpage should be online by next week, and I will check out some of the other websites you all have mentioned. Thanks!
I will tweet this...it could be a very interesting wedding venue. Hope it will help...looking for more interesting locations as well.

Windsor Wedding
Well, that is a delightful thing to do! We sell the flowers at our retail store and they fly out the door....we have brides who love them, eco-friendly, re-useable, and enchanting. Never mind other people who come back and buy more.Thank you so very much Mary Ann. Your site is beautiful!
Have you gone to the wedding shows in CT? Could be a clever idea to have a display at one of these events that would draw attention. Partner with a stationery designer or wedding event planner to do themed wedding presentation. Also how about a honeymoon giveaway to a safari? Might be too expensive but I guess I think big!

I am a connectict wedding vendor too -- I do calligraphy for weddings. I think networking helps too.
Have you thought about hosting an open house for area planners? Do a local search for planners in your area, i'm sure there are more than you could imagine. Setup the venue as a "sample event" allow them to come in and even take photos to share with clients.

You could even do an open house and include couples... let them get a feel.


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