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I have never used one, I'm not sure how to describe it but I saw on on tv this weekend and was wondering if anyone knows where to find them? They have mirrors on the inside and holds candles, or other decorations, and its very pretty because you get alot of relfection of whatevers is inside and (Hope this makes sense) they were somehow see-thru, because you could see all the candles. Not a very good description, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, please let me know.


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Hi Stacey, how are things going? Just wondering if your group had any luck with this mirror box?
Have a great day!
I sell these with or without the laser etching.

I like that one too, thank you, I'll show this one to my bride.

Hi julie - I also sell these at I will list them tomorrow.

I really like this one too!! I'm headed to your website!! Thanx
The centerpieces on the table should echo your theme...but what a wonderful way to self-identify and be creative. I hardly can stand to go in a Craft store...we know the ones...without wanting to buy something and get creative.
I would be very interested in more information.....
Hello Maryy Ann - I post some additional information :)
It's not an bad idea.The wedding couples can try this for their wedding.It should be attractive the guest.If any wants the more ideas and planning for the wedding,they may use the wedding planner iPhone app and get gain from it.
I can imagine your discription about the centerpieces, and it will be nice perfect, but I haven't have a picture about  that~


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