I am trying to modernize my wedding packages. It's almost unlimited all of the things you could include in a wedding photography package, but aside from the labor, digital media, and low price, what do brides really want in a wedding package?

I want to hear from brides.

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Brides want pictures that capture them and their families embracing their wonderful wedding and family-sharing experience. Not only do they want posed pictures, but they want those spontaneous captured snapshots that reveal them as they really are. They want fun, happiness, and love to exude! They want fair prices, beautiful, professional, pictures and poise in the pictures they choose. They want a patient photographer. They want to know that you understand what it is they are looking for and that you are the photographer who can capture their most memorable moments.
Yes photojournalism is the way to go now a days, we as photographers are there not really to participate but to stand in the sidelines and anticipate moments, hugs, laughter, kisses, I think brides want emotion seen in there photographs and the rest is just tools, the trend is albums and canvas, not much parent albums nor thank yous anymore
Anticipate. That's one of the keys to successful wedding photojournalism. You have to know they are going to kiss before they do. Almost like reading the signs. A good photog can see a couple dancing and get in the right spot to catch the dip before it ever happens.
Great question Rodney !
I want to know the answer also. I am a photographer.
There's a lot of trendy stuff going on but when is it too much ?
The answer to this question? very much depends on the brides self confidence and why they like your work...The common theme no matter what the brides confidence level is to to have a documentary of special moments without direction, also known as photojournalistic style. Besides some group shots many high end and self confident brides like the idea of some creative portrait also known as editorial style fine art images. This of course involves planning and therefore comes at a price ....Many top photographers are using models to showcase this capability and as a result are looking for a return on this investment. Its no good trying to win this business without a portfolio to match and as a result requires initial investment, either on your own or with a group of photographers, once done it should attract a more creative willing bride who wants that type of look in addition to the documentary of their day. Its a real challenge but if you want to charge over 3000 + dollars per wedding then you have to give customers a stunning original experience. One thing I have learned and still learning that a good assistant and equipment is becoming compulsary in this market and is in line with fashion photography....Nearly 50% of my clients are now interested in this look but I still need to invest more in portfolio building work and convince brides to see the benefits of planning, story-boarding and creative imagery. Its all work in progress ...thanks Adrian

Adrian Wood Photography is a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Venice, Italy & Nottingham, UK– specialising in a unique blend of documentary style photojournalism with creative wedding & event photography, available throughout Italy and destinations worldwide.
hi adrian, hi all...
you know what i mean about this question, but I think also that there are no reference points for the brides, there are many photographers or similar in the world. what we can offer is the quality of products offered and the utmost professionalism and personality.
i'll search to offer that...maybe it' not all...


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