Hi brides-to-be, wedding enthusiasts, and wedding vendors!

I was wondering what your thoughts are on buying a pre-owned wedding items? Our site, BravoBride, is an online marketplace where brides and newlyweds can buy and sell new and pre-owned wedding items, from designer wedding dresses and jewelry to shoes, favors, reception items and more.

Let us know how you feel about wearing a dress that someone has worn before or using itmes such as vases or table linens from another brides wedding.


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I think in today's economy that people are open to just about anything. If there's a deal out there to be had then why not have it. Does anyone really have to know that you don't have a brand new dress? Why not take advantage of your offerings? I say go for it and get your champagne wedding on a sparkling cider budget.
In this day and age, especially with the market the way it is, I think a pre-owned dress is a great option! Especially since other aspects of a wedding are getting more and more expensive it allows you to spend that money on the photographer, flowers, etc... And for me personally, I have expensive taste, my love is Monique Lhullier (!!!) and the price right off the rack is not even an option for me so a pre-owned dress is a MUST!
I bought a used dress from someone on Craigs List ! I saw her photo and thought she looked a lot like me, and when I tried on the dress it was like it was made for me. After hours spent in salons, I spent $400 for a used dress that originally cost 3500 at Demetrious! You have to really get lucky but you can find a great dress for very little if you have the time to "shop"
I would do it!
I love this idea. I am not a bride but, as an event planner I think it is such a resourceful way to keep your budget in line.
If the gown looks great and preserved well, why not? You don't have to tell anyone, right?

I think that is every bride-to-be's personal choice. Yes, the economy has forced people to be as conservative as they can. So, many may choose this option. For myself...I never wanted to have "hand-me-downs", as my family calls it. Coming from a big family, handing clothing down among the children from siblings to cousins was a normal practice. I was not fond of it.
This is an excellent option and one of my first choices. Plus, many of the dresses on BravoBride (that I have seen while looking) are samples, bride bought another dress she liked better after wards, wedding was canceled or other such things. In fact, I have a beautiful Moonlight dress that I bought 18 years ago for my first wedding that is classic and timeless, but never wore due to the fact that I got pregnant during our long engagement. $2500 dress that never got used. What a waste.

I have expensive tastes and would rather be walking down the aisle in an elegant piece of silk then a not-so-nice piece of polyester (although I have seen a few nice looking polyesters, but you get my point.) And no, I'm not stupid-stitious enough to think some other brides canceled wedding will have any effect on the bond my sweetie and I share. I want to be gorgeous and the dress is very important to me in that aspect. My mother, a friend, and I spent a day at some Couture used wedding salons here in GA and the moment I felt and saw the difference between the newer dresses that were in my price range and the used couture gowns that were amazing, I was hooked.

Another big plus (besides price) of a used dress. is the eco/green factor. That may not matter to most, but to some it will.

I adore spending time on the computer looking at all the different dresses that are available on the used dress sites. BravoBride has some other sections that are cool tool, but I don't really obsess with them like I do with the dresses. Seeing real brides in dresses also gives me a better idea than some unrealistic model in a pic. I can try on different styles locally, and then find my dream dress much cheaper online. Win win for the buyer and seller. (Note: I do wish some of the brides on the used sites would realize that they need to show more of the dress then the wedding or some artsy shot I don't give a crap about. And show a pic without the bouquet covering the front!)

And really, why would you save the dress? Most daughters are not going to want to wear your dress unless there is some special emotion attached to it and/or the style is an enduring one that will last over time. There are exceptions, but most girls I know whose mother saved her dress usually didn't like the dress but felt an unspoken pressure to wear it. Do you really want to do that to your daughter? Again, there are exceptions, but my I wouldn't want to assume I know what my daughter is going to want 20-30 years down the road.

I, for one, am THRILLED to have the option of used dresses via internet. So many more possibilities for me now. Thank you thank you thank you. (P.S. I've told most of my friend's about getting a used dress and they thinks it's an awesome idea!)


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