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Going To Buy Engagement Diamond Rings

When we consider wedding bands or engagement rings then the principal thing which comes in our psyche is the diamond rings. Diamond rings are perfect for engagement as nothing can look as excellent as this jewel and no other blessing can symbolize love better than this. Jewels are accepted to be genuine image of sentiment. By introducing a wonderful diamond wedding band to your loved one, you won't just feel glad however your blessing will be valued too. What's more, you will likewise give…


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4 Dates Every Groomsman Should Mark Off their Calendar

You were chosen by your friend as his groomsman for a reason. He wants you to witness one of the most important days of his life, so it's only fitting for you to be there each step of the way. Here are four dates you should mark off your calendar.

Bachelor Party

It’s common knowledge that the best man is in charge of the…


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5 Not-To-Miss Wedding Jewellery Trends

Everyone talks about the dress. For the bride, it's one of the biggest concerns surrounding her wedding day. It makes sense: this is her day, and she wants to look amazing. However, finding the perfect accessories for the dress are also important. Sure, the dress may play the starring role, but every star needs support.


The most stunning jewellery trends are also the most timeless. They're the one's a bride will look back on in…


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The Sweet Luxury Of 7 Amazing Candy Flavors For Your Wedding Candy Buffet

People have different tastes. Maybe it is due to where we live and what types of foods we are exposed to growing up. We are individuals and the colors, smells, and textures of foods either appeal to us or not. The same is true with candy.

Some people love milk chocolate, while others find it too sweet. Some of us like creamy caramel, while others prefer a light and airy texture to the candy we choose. Below we will list 7 candies that continually show up on…


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To Dress Royal Is To Dress In Resham

Indian weddings have always been a grand and exotic affair, dotted with traditions, occasions and important customs as per the Indian culture. Such ceremonies leave little room for error. From choosing the venue to decorations and picking the delicacies, everything has to be proper, well thought out and executed according to the plan.

The day holds most of the significance for the bride; her life turns over a new leaf, with new beginnings and new bonds being created. To mark her day,…


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How to Choose the Right Hair Jewelry for Prom Night

Hair jewelry is one of the highly fashionable trends today. In fact, hair jewelry is available in several different options including tiaras, hair combs, halos and headbands, hair pins, and even fascinators! All these hair accessories are beautifully embellished with crystals, rhinestones, and pearls. Hair jewelry for prom is special way to add a personal touch to your ensemble. And most of these accessories can be worn again on…


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Home Remedies for Glowing Skin Using Honey

Among the several others natural products for your skin, honey is one of the best and the most commonly used one.

You may have heard of honey as a natural and healthier sweetener. However, it is one of the most commonly used and the best naturally occurring product which is a complete boon to your skin. It is made by the alchemy of bees that collect pollen, nectar and resins of the flowers. It moisturizes your skin, fights the aging process and helps your skin in several…


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Wild Side: How to Travel Together and Stay Safe

There's an excitement to traveling during your honeymoon, especially when you venture to another country or a place you’ve never been before. The sights, the food, the people, and the place can be a wonderful experience as long as you stay safe. Without a group of friends, you run a greater risk of being pegged as an unsuspecting target for those who want to take advantage of young…


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Last Minute Bride? We can help if you need a dress or accessories ASAP.

Click here to read the full blog.

We have happily helped so many "Last Minute Brides."  Have you found yourself searching for that special gown much longer than anticipated?  Has something come up to make you move your wedding date?  Has your bridal gown not been what…


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Sweetheart Wedding Dresses: Fall in Love with the dress...and the price!

Click here to see the full fashion coverage.

Are you looking for a wedding gown with fabulous designer quality and stunning details?  Our Sweetheart range is absolutely gorgeous, at a price range that won't break the bank.  You can have a fabulous dress with beautiful lace details, an illusion back, elaborate beading, a full and voluminous skirt, or a fitted and chic fishtail…


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Beach Brides: Get the perfect dress for a tropical wedding abroad!

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Are you planning a wedding in a hot and tropical location?  Is your wedding taking place on a romantic beach or sunny roof terrace?  We have written a blog for beach brides and boho lovers!  Check out our top recommended styles for brides travelling abroad and saying 'I do' in warm temps.  Click the link above to read…


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Get Pippa's Perfect Wedding Look: See how we recreate her bridal party fashions

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Do you love Pippa Middleton's stunning wedding day look?  Want a gown similar to Kate's?  Need flower girl dresses that make the little ones in your wedding feel like princesses?  Well we have you covered!…


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Top Tips for Spring/Summer Brides: Useful advice to get ready for your wedding!

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We have compiled a helpful little guide to being a gorgeous Spring/Summer Bride!  Read our tips on getting in great shape, choosing the right makeup that'll withstand the heat, inspiration for your wedding decor and more.  Follow the link above to check it our on our news…


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Scroll Wedding Invitations Cards - Invite People Like Royal in your Wedding

Scroll cards are the traditional Indian invitation of the kings and queens, also, known as the Farman. These days, the old Indian customs have been revived for Indian marriages, which are grand and exquisite to give the art of invitation a majestic and magnificent look. Wedding scroll cards create royal impact and rich textures and are designed with traditional and modern concepts. The roll-open card with vibrant and colorful handmade paper, imported tissue paper, velvet and cloth has exotic…


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Modern or Indian Wedding Invitations

When speaking of choosing proper wedding stationery, various so called specialists may start to speak volubly. While when it is our own turn to pick wedding cards, we will find it quite difficult to put those written experience into practice. For modern people, the most popular style may be the Indian style and the modern one. When various brides face with those options, they may get easily to fall into dilemma. Today I want to talk about the choice between modern and…


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How Quality Matchmaking Agencies Work in London

With the improvement of digitalization, we have seen a variety of changes in our lifestyle. From banking to shopping, we do everything online now. Just like the same way, many people use the online dating sites and apps for finding their soulmate. At least, they had tried it. A study made from 2005 to 2012 has shown that one out of three peoples gets married to the person he or she has found online.…


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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

Africa’s unspoilt wilderness, teeming wildlife, spectacular beaches, and modern cities make it an idyllic destination for honeymooners who seek solitude, excitement, and quality time together. African honeymoon destinations offer a variety of experiences from glamping (glamorous camping!) amid wildlife to lazing on pristine beaches, to wine tasting, and more. 

As you embark on a new life together, experiencing Africa at any of the following destinations will add to the wonderful…


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Things You Should Know About Affordable Noise Isolating Headphones.

Music means a lot to the people you are music freaks. You will always want the sound to be clear and loud falling in your ears. There is a wide variety made available under this category. You can try and look out for a promising brand now sold in the market. You can go through the web to look for the one which is just the best for you.

Mentioned are a few aspects which you will have to look into when you have to purchase these full size headphones:

There are a lot of…


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Tips for Getting a Rustic Honeymoon Feel Without the Tent

Many couples dream of embarking on a rustic style honeymoon right after the wedding. After all, what’s more romantic than being together out in nature, lying under the moon and counting the…


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They got engaged!

Camille and Tom have been together for about four years now. Tom’s mom was relieved her son finally popped the question—and that his girlfriend said yes. Mrs. Clark always said she was fond of Camille, said she was the kind of girl her son should end up with. She was the responsible one, always thinking ahead.

Camille is my oldest friend, and I know…


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