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Pros and Cons of Having a Wedding Website

These days, almost everyone has a website. Whether you have a personal blog or run a small business, having a strong presence on the internet is vital to your success. When it comes to keeping your guests in the loop about wedding details, having a website is invaluable as well. There are many places that offer free wedding website tools so you can setup, manage, and host your…


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Yoga Poses To Add To Your Bridal Routine


Every little girl dreams of being a bride. For many of us, we have spent countless hours over the years, envisioning our perfect waltz down the aisle. Beautiful gowns, elaborate floral centerpieces, and magical first dances were often heated topics of conversations on the monkeybars or the perfect material for our dolls to rehearse. So it’s only…


Added by Shannon Lochwood on August 30, 2016 at 7:15pm — 3 Comments

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles You'll Want to Have

Brides, trust us, before your hair and makeup trial, you're going to want to look at these gorgeous creations from Jen Huang Photography and Chiali Meng Artistry for inspiration. From soft, undone braids to romantic, tousled updos, these seven looks will inspire any bride's bridal beauty look — no matter what her style. Get inspired and start pinning below!…


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A Groom’s Guide to Planning A Wedding

We all know that wedding planning can be very stressful. It requires a lot of hard work, creativity and patience.

This article is dedicated to future grooms. We will show them how to plan a wedding and how to make this special day perfect. If you are a future groom, you will certainly like this article and you will find some useful information. Just continue reading and you will see below a groom’s guide for planning a wedding.…


Added by Kimberly Lawrence on August 27, 2016 at 5:44am — 1 Comment

See-though Back Embellished with Beads and Flowers is Better than Backless

Normally we choose backless, open back or low back wedding dresses to show our luscious back skin and muscle at the wedding. A backless wedding dress might be a great way to go. However, after seeing this amazing bridal gown at the wedding hold not long ago, I decide to choose these with beautiful see-through lace back ones.


In fact, the bride and the groom are best friends since they met. They turn to a couple 12 years after their first acquaintance. Although they have known…


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Wedding Tablescapes

When it comes to getting married, planning out every little detail is important to you. One of the most important parts of that process is the look and feel of every table at the reception. There are so many ideas that can come to mind. Bridal parties have been getting creative when it comes to table decorations but at the end of the day it’s whatever you want. Here are some ideas from previous weddings (photos from Pinterest):…


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Less is More Stylish: 6 Beautiful Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Your wedding is just round the corner, so you are probably already hyped with all the planning. What we adore about modern day weddings is that nobody is expecting you to go (too) big anymore. If anything, we’ve all been adjusting to the idea that less is more, with simpler and more elegant solutions taking priority over puffy…


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How to set your wedding apart?


All brides-to-be dream of a perfect wedding that will not only truly be the best day of their lives but also something that sets them apart and paves their future married life with uniqueness and memorable experience. With so many ideas readily available online it might be hard to choose one theme and specific decor but, before you rush to google what other people dofor their weddings, make sure to take your own wishes and preferences into consideration. You’ve…


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Unique Ideas to Help Choose Your Wedding Colors

Once the excitement of the proposal settles in and you’re ready to start wedding planning, one of the first decisions you have to make will be choosing wedding colors. Choosing the perfect palette may seem like an easy task but knowing which direction to go can be more complicated than expected! The variety of colors to choose from is endless, making finding the right shades to pair together a bit of an obstacle. I’m here to help guide you down the right path with creative ways to choose…


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The Legality of Wedding Sparklers in your State

With so many couples using sparklers at their weddings these days, many venues are adding in new rules about how they can and can’t be used. Most of the time, they are common safety practices that all venues should adhere to, but occasionally they have specific limitations regarding their use or prohibit them all together. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check with your…


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Do You Know That 8 of the World's Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

Kim Kardashian reportedly spent $2million on her Givenchy dress for her 2014 wedding to Kanye West, so prepare to read it and weep as we fawn over some of the world's most expensive wedding dresses.

If you thought the UK average wedding dress cost of nearly £2,000 was over budget, wait till you've seen the price tag of these extravagant gowns.…


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Top 10 Gorgeous Open Back Wedding Dresses

Planning for a glamorous summer wedding for 2021? Do you need add something luxury to your wedding event? I would be love to write about 10 dazzling wedding dresses with open back designs in this post. Take a look at these stunning bridal gowns. The fascinating open back dresses are the provocative symbols in the bridal industry.

Top 1.


In the first image we add…


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Tropical Wedding Destination Invitation Idea

As the season for tropical weddings draws near, so does the time to take care of wedding details. The most beautiful and personal way you can invite your friends and family to your destination wedding in the tropics is with gorgeous wedding invitations.

You can show that you care about your guests by sending a chic and luxurious wedding invitation that arrives in a personalized box. If you are planning on getting married in the tropics, our Starfish Destination invitation box captures…


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SO GORGEOUS! Watercolor flowers and black white stripes modern wedding invitations collection

Pink and purple watercolor flowers and black white striped pattern border floral wedding invitations collection. Click on the image to see all products in it!

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6 perfect destinations for your active honeymoon


Most of the newlyweds seek romance and relaxation on their honeymoons. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can always try something new and unconventional by introducing adrenaline packed sports and adventures. From warm destinations with water sports to cold mountain idylls, there’s something for every couple. These can be equally romantic and you can create unforgettable memories and experiences.



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You Need to See This VS Model's Completely Sheer Wedding Dress

Congratulations are in order: Isabeli Fontana is officially married! The Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, cover girl, and recent bridesmaid tied the knot with Diego Ferrero in the Maldives today. Looking at the gorgeous photos, one thing immediately stood out to us: Her dress was totally sheer! Of course, the supermodel pulled it off with aplomb, and the picturesque beach setting was the perfect locale to show off the ethereal number.

Staying true to Fontana’s roots, the dress…


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Summer Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2017

Looking for bridesmaid dresses in sparkles, lace or tulle? I am excited to share this post with you all as it’s going to my first bridesmaid trend post on my blog. It may be a little tricky for a bride to choose the perfect dress for the maids. I have so many beautiful ideas around at the moment. And I would be love to share the sweetest and modest bridesmaid gowns to celebrate romance in…


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Tips for Simplifying a Wedding Guest List

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, but also extremely stressful if you do not organize well. There are plenty of decisions to be made, whether it will be an intimate or a big wedding; will it be outdoors or indoors, what kind of venue to choose? After you have decided on your ideal type of wedding, you should consider the guest list. Here are some tips to get you through this process without getting a headache.…


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How to Get in Perfect Shape for You Wedding

A study found that 80 percent of brides try to get in shape for their wedding day by changing their exercise and food habits - and it totally makes sense. You want to look radiant and beautiful when you get married, while feeling confident in your gorgeous gown. Here's what you need to start doing in the weeks and months before your wedding to…


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