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Wedding Preparations Made to be Easy: Catering Agencies

An occasion stands out and makes an indelible impression on the guests through the service quality and the related arrangements. The specialty of occasions like these is being helped to be highlighted and…


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Things to Do After You Are Married

The work doesn’t stop once you and your new spouse have said your vows. There are still certain things you will want or even need to do after your wedding has come and gone.

The first thing you will want to make sure you do is to save the rest of your wedding cake.…


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wedding thank you cards

Wedding ceremony is a general celebration that gives a newlywed couple a gift, but please remember that your guests came out to buy you a gift. In any case, I must thank each person. One way of expressing gratitude is a thank you message to convey gratitude. Make sure you keep a log of all the presents you received and who gave you what so you can write a personal message on each card.

You should pay attention to everyone who attended on your day and you should accept everything…


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The man, the myth, the photographer!

In every wedding there is that one man who doesn’t always seem to fit in that much and no it isn’t your weird uncle Sam but the photographer but of course this is the job of the photographer! Many people don’t realise but the more understated the photographer the more…


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No Wedding Planner? What is the worst that could happen...

When it comes to your wedding day you obviously want everything to go perfectly. Not everyone chooses to use a wedding planner on their special day and this is of course entirely up to you.

Some minor things you might forget without the help of a wedding planner might be: Signage at the ceremony, handing out little bags of confetti to the guests or forgetting to leave a menu card on each of the dining tables.

We chose not to use a wedding planner for our …


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Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm is a wedding venue that is surrounded by Spanish nature. A perfect place to enjoy the good Spanish views.

One of things at the top of your wedding list is of course the venue…I mean if you’re bringing all your friends and family over to Spain you’re going to a need a spectacular venue worthy of not only the journey but of the wedding of your dreams too! Here at …


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Spanish Wedding Cakes

Do you know that...? The cake at a Spanish wedding is the focal point of the big day, as well as being good luck for the couple it also adds personality to the wedding and although they do include traditional ingredients the bride and groom tend to customise it however they want. More in our blog! Click here to read our blog!

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10 Return Gift Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Weddings are a memorable occasion not only for the couple tying the nuptial knot but for their families and guests as well. Most of us would look forward for a wedding to happen as it promises to bring in lot of happiness, gaiety and grandeur. While guests showers the newlyweds with gifts, the families of the bride and groom cheer up the guests with return gifts.…


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Sonita M. Leak Officiating the Wedding Ceremony of Frank & Mally Tucker

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Sonita M. Leak Officiating the Wedding Service of Ronald & Candice Watson

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Make Your Wedding Classy with Unique Table Linens

Planning your wedding? If yes, you must have a long to-do list; one of those items which you always put in your priority list is wedding linens. It’s your wedding and you are the…


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2017 S/S New Dresses - Deep in Forest

God is big, but the forest is bigger. Look deep in it, you can discover more than thought. Deep in forest, eDressit gives you more than surprises. See the details:

1) Champagne Half Sleeves Cocktail Dress with Lace Appliques

Retro-inspired short cocktail party dress features a…


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Top 7 Thrifty Ways To Make Your Wedding A Grand Success

Everyone wants to create an everlasting memory of his/her wedding occasion. In fact, they want to share the celebration of love with everyone connected to their lives. However, sometimes, it goes out of the budget. So, I have tried to find out some of the best ways to save major bucks on your wedding that too without cutting out the fun, charm and elegance. Here we go.…


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Santorini Sikh Hindu wedding

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How to Keep Children Happy at Your Wedding

To invite children or not invite children to your wedding? The decision ultimately lies with you and there are many factors to take in to consideration when deciding.

If you do choose to have children present at your wedding, there are some extra things you may wish to plan.

Seating Arrangements

Decide whether you would like a separate children's table, which is often well suited to children aged 7-14. You may choose to sit younger children further away, even an…


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What Wedding Dress Will Suit Me?

You might be finding wedding dress shopping a little overwhelming with the numerous dress choices! A handy place to start is to dress to suit your body shape. Doing this will mean that you can accentuate your positives and hide any parts of your body that you are not so happy with.

Firstly, we will look at a selection of the many different wedding dress styles on…


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How to Choose Cakes for Your Wedding?

From centuries, cake is considered as a major ingredient for wedding ceremonies. It plays a significant role in the weddings therefore you can’t take any chance when it comes to buy a cake for your wedding ceremony.…


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How Green is your wedding? Eco-friendly ideas & suggestions.

How green is your wedding?

No, we are not talking about a green color scheme.

What sort of an impact is your wedding having on the environment?

Couples nowadays are trying to find ways to be eco-friendly when planning their wedding. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can do your bit for the environment by making your wedding a little bit more…

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The Knowhow of Wearing a Mundu Neriyathum Saree



Sarees have unified a nation that comprises of divergent cultures and religions. From the North to South and from the East to West, entire India has some links to saree.


The beauty of sarees enhance greatly in the way it is worn. Wearing a saree can be a daunting task for many. If you want to wear a saree, you need to know how to wear it right. It is perhaps as vital as it is important to select the right kind of…


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Complete Wedding Weekend That Does not Break the Bank!

Why share your wedding at a public hotel and beach when you can have an exclusive and private villa experience? Imagine your own private villa and wedding on a private beach, where the only thing that rivals the opulent, exclusive accommodation is the luxury of the white-glove service exquisitely delivered to you and your wedding party.

We are a Boutique Destination wedding Concierge. We work with couples to create the perfect destination wedding. In our Luxury…


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