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Large Weddings Made Small

I was at a wedding recently which was attended by 240 people. The reception hall was large and beautiful, and the music lasted all night. There were so many faces that looked completely unfamiliar and I could not stop thinking, “Do all these people really know the bride and groom?”

The first thing to do when planning your wedding guest list is to decide what venue you want and base your guest list on their capacity.

If space and expense is not an issue, then invite as many… Continue

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Step 1: Admitting You are A Bridezilla

Bridezilla: "A woman who, in the course of planning her wedding, exercises or attempts to exercise an high degree of control over all or many minor details of the ceremony and reception."

*please take this post in good humor. If you get offended easily, maybe you should stop reading…now…*

Based on your responses we have consolidated some of our favorite bridezilla stories to share. It's time for the real stories, submitted by our readers, and reviewed by Brideliners. If… Continue

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What you should know about boudoir photography

Liesl Clark of Claris Photography has taken some beautiful boudoir photographs for many of our brides. I have always been curious to find out about the process, how each client feels about the experience and the end result. I asked Liesl to put together some images to give you an idea of how stunning and simple boudoir photography can be. I also asked her to explain the process from the photographer's point of view as well as her client's reaction. Here are a few examples to take a look at and… Continue

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Castro Valley Boutique Wedding!

Check it out at

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In the works

Boutique wedding in San Francisco and a Napa Wedding!! Will keep you posted. Also, be on the look out for updated Blog (by tomorrow!!). I'm picking up the film to Castro Valley Boutique Wedding today. Cheers!

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Your Wedding Rocks

Check out our blog Your Wedding Rocks

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Discounts offered to BridalTweet members!

We are currently offering special pricing for members of bridaltweet and those of you following us on twitter or facebook! For future updates on promotions, contests, bridal industry news, etc., please follow our Blog!…


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Bands Vs. DJ's - A Band's Perspective, Nite-Time party band

Bands vs. DJs- a Band's perspective

Here's another expert's opinion on music for your reception.

Amy Serrago of Nite-Time band in NYC agrees that if you can afford it, having both the band and DJ is the best of both worlds! Check out their website for more information on Nite-Time!

Nite-Time band

A live band brings an air of… Continue

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Chrysa and Sanjay Married on the Weeks Bridge!

More photos on the blog at ...

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Thoughts on Marriage on my Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of the day I married the man I was meant to be with forever. I’m not an expert on marriage (I believe the only people who could be called experts are those people who have been married to the same person all their lives)...but in two years, I have come to observe some of what I think it’s going to take to keep this marriage on the right course, for the rest of our lives.

We have three not so secret secrets (I guess) to keeping our focus. The first is… Continue

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Enhance your Letterpress Invitation Style with Layers

There is no better way to create a unique feel for your letterpress wedding design than by creating different layers in your invitation sets. Choosing from a limitless selection of different color paper selections, you can create contrasting invitation layers that add an extra special look that traditional styles of wedding invitations lack.

To begin the process first you must decide on the paper and ink color for your first printed layer. This piece will hold your invitation… Continue

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FREE Virtual BRIDAL Makeovers!!

Exciting news Ladies~

Our new Brides' Virtual Makeover just launched on May 1st----

Upload your picture for FREE and try on the colors you're dreaming about on that Special day!! Try hairstyles, hair colors, veils, accessories and more! Next send it to all your wedding party so they try the virtual makeover to get a preview of the wedding party colors and hairstlyes too.

While you're there check out gifts… Continue

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Hello friends, I have a lot to tell you all about. There has been a lot going on and I am hoping to get the time to tell you all about it. :) Coming soon.... Luv, Shannon

Hello friends,

I have a lot to tell you all about. There has been a lot going on and I am hoping to get the time to tell you all about it. :) Coming soon....


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Molly Lou Gifts Blog

We are so excited to become a member for Bridal Tweet. Check out our and also visit our

We are happy to assist you in any aspect of your planning. We are only a short email or phone call away.

Have a great day and happy planning. Cheers!

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“He’s just not that into you.” Why can't women ever be that honest? Women are constantly letting their friends down easy, with excuses or half-truths:

“He does like you, he’s just really busy with work”

“I do want to come to your 3rd bridal shower in New Jersey, I just think I might have to take care of my mother's dog”

“Spending a weekend with your bossy sisters and loud crazy college friends really sounds wonderful.”

As the type of friends who routinely… Continue

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My LilSweetHearts Photo Contest

AFavor4U is exited to announce the My LilSweetHearts Photo Contest. Win valuable prizes! For more information, check out the following webpage:

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Optimism and Photography

Hi, everyone!! As you may know, I am a photographer and I an optimist. :) This is my first post, and I am happy to be part of this rapidly growing community.

I just completed a HUGE website update for my photography! I am feeling very proud of it, and wanted to give the community an opportunity to check it out.

You can read the story about the update on my blog at

And, here's a… Continue

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New May Hourglass Wedding Sand Ceremony Specials

New May Hourglass Wedding Sand Ceremony Specials - Also don't forget Mother's Day is coming up fast - May 10th & Father's Day - June 21st! Visit Heirloom Hourglass For Details

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Guide to engagement Rings


Gold rings come in a number of colors and grades. The grades are indicated by the karat or “K”. Higher quality rings start at 14k and go up from there in grade. The lower the number next to the k the more alloys are mixed with the gold. The more pure the gold is the softer the metal is going to be. Remember that higher is not always better when it comes to metal. Gold is the easiest metal to find rings in this is because gold is more available than most other… Continue

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