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Perfect Wedding Planning Software that's Not for Planners

Wacky title, I know. But that’s what kept going through my head as I was watching the demo for Coaches Console, an online dashboard. Well, it actually seems better than that. I’d call it an online ‘wife’. You know, someone who looks out that you get things done and done on time! (no offense, guys, but you know what I mean)

Occasionally I’ll come across a post on one of the forums asking about the best wedding planner software. I guessed there would be many. Au contraire mon frere!… Continue

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Aspiring Wedding Planners, Meet your Angel!

Every blade of grass has its own angel that bends over and whispers ‘grow, grow’ ~The Talmud

Nope, this isn’t Monday Musing on the wrong day. This quote rests on my frig door, reminding me everyday what I want and what I want to be to others in this world. It’s precious to me because one of my coaching clients sent it to me as an unexpected gift. We clicked and over time I helped her grow more confident as a businessperson and fall back in love with her business. Gosh, we laughed a… Continue

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1st Bridal Tweet MeetUP Rocks!

Glancing over the lush green field to see the sunset was amazingly beautiful. That was my very first impression of Gore Place, an ornate Federalist style mansion plunked down on 4o rolling acres. Really. I was stunned that such a fantasy wedding site was literally right off Route 20 in Waltham. I knew the first Bridal Tweet Meet up was off to a roaring good start!

You probably guessed that I'm the curious type. My favorite thing is to meet someone new and learn about them. I've… Continue

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Wedding Vendor Contracts- Necessary or Not?

Is there anything more personal than wedding planning? As wedding professionals we help mold the bride's dreams into one extraordinary day. It's not an arms-length process. We get real close. Which is why inserting a something as off-putting as a legal contract might seem unnecessary or unpleasant to some folks. Several discussions on different wedding forums are about the need for a contract. I thought we could take a look at it together. Are contracts necessary?

I look at it… Continue

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Giving Feedback that Works Without Feeling Guilty

One of the toughest things to do is tell someone their work is not up to par. Whether you’re a bride talking to her wedding team, or a wedding professional who is working with colleagues, you’ll want to have a basic strategy for getting your thoughts and desires across to someone who isn’t meeting the mark.

Recently, a colleague of mine asked for help. She was trying to be proactive with one of her vendors so that her bride could enjoy the best of his work. I thought you might want… Continue

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What's Your Dispute Process?

As a wedding professional, you know better than I do that wedding planning comes with conflicts in all sizes. It’s inevitable. Issues with brides, mothers of brides, grooms, and other vendors will crop up. These moments are awkward and anxiety-ridden for you and your clients. Most vendors I talked with (and maybe this is you, too) take a hands-off approach, giving in to client demands or adjusting fees when they know they really shouldn’t. But there’s a better way.

Since every… Continue

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Stuck in the MIddle with You

Wedding professionals and mediators have something in common with bartenders and rabbis. People tend to tell us stuff confidentially. All kinds of stuff. Intimate. Shocking. Personal. Puzzling. Uplifting. Life-altering stuff. And, ask for advice. Sometimes that’s cool. After all, who’s the bride gonna ask about how many rounds of 8 can fit under a tent comfortably besides you? Other times, not so much.

No doubt you’re had a situation or two where you learned something from a bride… Continue

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12 Resources for Aspiring Wedding Planners

You probably know I never saw a wedding show I didn’t love, except for one. My daughter and I lounged on my bed watching quite numerous episodes of the Wedding Show, which was famous in our house for making me cry. I loved Whose Wedding is it Anyway because of the wacky, wonderful planners like Donny, Jeffrey and Linnyette. (What was the name of the planner with the flamboyant suits?)

My new wedding planner buddy, Stephanie, and I had quite a time reminiscing about that show when we… Continue

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Wedding Pros- It's Not About You

Wedding professionals are one part fairy godmother, one part drill sergeant and a great big lump of love. Really, you pour your heart and soul into giving a couple their special day their way. Most brides appreciate your love and care. Others, not so much. Because it can be so hurtful when a bride says mean things or is rude, I wanted to share a tip to help you stay calm in the face of the bridal storm.

It’s Not About You

I’ve dealt with my fair share of people who… Continue

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Three Powerful Words: I don't know

No one can make your feel inferior without your consent. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Saying that planning a wedding is an enormous, almost overwhelming task is an obvious understatement. You know that. What you might not realize is that you are the boss of you.

It’s easy to forget that small fact when faced with the myriad of decisions that come from planning your big day. There’s always someone- your mom, mother in law, friends, even dad- who knows better. And, after a while you… Continue

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5 Common Myths about Wedding Mediators

Weddings are wonderful, but families and friends can make the planning experience hell on wheels. That’s why I decided to share my talents as a conflict expert with brides who want the planning to be as much fun as the wedding. Recently, I came across an article on the web that suggests that pre-marital counseling is a better alternative the wedding mediation. Of course, the writer is entitled to her opinion, but I wanted to clear up a few misunderstandings about what mediation is and how it… Continue

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7 questions to ask before picking wedding vendors

Whether you’re selecting a wedding planner, photographer or venue, the real question is: what do you expect, in terms of working together and communication. That's something that's easy to miss in the rush and excitement of a wedding. Clearly, you want your vendors to be excited for your wedding, he or she must also be able to communicate with you, too.

Before you start your search, take a moment to decide what’s most important to you in a working relationship. Wedding planning can… Continue

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