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Ivy Gorgeousness - Wedding Mood Board

I don't know what it is about ivy, but I just love it! Especially lush, dense, gorgeous green ivy paired with the spare lines and creamy white colors of classical, European-inspired wedding chic. It's just the perfect touch for intimate garden affairs.

Clockwise from top left:…


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Top 20 Free Wedding Script Fonts!

Are you doing DIY wedding invitations? Looking for beautiful, free script fonts because you can't afford to shell out $100 for Burgues Script or Bickham Script Pro? Whether you're printing your invites at home, or getting your own design professionally printed by someone like Zazzle, you'll want a beautiful script font, and I've got you covered! Since you'll be using the fonts for your own personal use,…


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Arielle by Forever Wedding: Simple yet Fancy Invitations


I just received 10 samples of the wedding invitations I designed for, and I LOVE THEM! I think they look wonderful! I chose linen as the paper for these, and I love the feel and texture of them.…


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Designing a Wedding Logo: the design process

New to Our Wedding Community? Browse our wedding planning guide to find the perfect photographer, invitations - you name it!…


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Wedding Logo Inspiration Board: a photographic answer to "How can I use a wedding logo?"

Often when I introduce to people, in passing conversation, the concept of a wedding logo, their main question is "Why would I want that?" or "What can you do with that?" or "How is that different from the monogram on the invitations?"

The wedding logo itself - depending on the design - might not be so different from the monogram on the invitations, after all. But the point of a wedding logo is its sheer versatility: the logo can be used on anything in the wedding - though it… Continue

Added by Colleen Michele on October 21, 2010 at 12:17am — 1 Comment

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