Wedding Logo Inspiration Board: a photographic answer to "How can I use a wedding logo?"

Often when I introduce to people, in passing conversation, the concept of a wedding logo, their main question is "Why would I want that?" or "What can you do with that?" or "How is that different from the monogram on the invitations?"

The wedding logo itself - depending on the design - might not be so different from the monogram on the invitations, after all. But the point of a wedding logo is its sheer versatility: the logo can be used on anything in the wedding - though it needn't, and probably shouldn't, be used on everything. All jokes aside, the creative use of a wedding logo motif can add flair, elegance, and personality to any kind of wedding.

On that note - and to get on to the point of why I am writing this blog entry in the first place - I wanted to share with you a few instances that I've seen around the web, in blog posts, of utterly fantastic, absolutely classy uses of wedding logos.

Wedding Logo Inspiration Board
Photo Credits: Two on the upper left: Style Me Pretty blog entry, one on upper right: Green Wedding Shoes blog entry, three on middle left: Style Me Pretty blog entry, two on middle upper right: Style My Pretty blog entry, two on middle lower right: one of our own clients' wedding pictures, three on bottom: Style Me Pretty blog entry.
From chandeliers and wine grapes to anchors and silhouetted profiles, to simple creative uses of first names and initials, these wedding logos are notable not just for their lovely design (the one on the top right was designed by the groom, a graphic designer - how adorable!) but for their creative and totally natural use within the wedding ceremony and reception. A signpost, a photo memory board centerpiece, an umbrella tag, and showiest of all, an actual light source - these are just a few ways you can let a wedding logo add character and charm to your wedding.

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Comment by David Salzman on October 21, 2010 at 1:04pm
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