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8 Things You Need To Do Right After Your Wedding – Wedding Inspirations from 123WeddingCards

Finally, you are pronounced as man and wife and it is time for you to ride high on the feelings of love and romance but, before you do that, finish the entire post wedding task which could create mess for you if left undone.

Alright, you have no idea what we are talking about? Here is our list of task to do after wedding before embarking the journey of wedding in true sense.

Preserve your wedding dress:

wedding dresses are the most beautiful thing of any wedding and they help you to cherish your wedding memories for a long time. So, you should get your dress professionally cleaned before keeping it safely in your closet.

Acknowledge your guests with thank you cards:

No wedding can be made awesome without the presence of loved ones and the presence of your near and dear ones definitely need to acknowledged.

So, the first after wedding task is indeed sending out thank you cards and thank you notes to all those who became a part of your special day.

Get the album ready:

The whole world is indeed going digital but, it is still not capable to steal the charm of wedding album. Wedding albums are always fun to look at and preserving all the memories in something tangible is awesome.

Once your wedding is over, select the best pictures with your spouse and get your album ready.

Vendor reviews:

Everyone around you including the vendors try to do everything possible to make your wedding magical and it is time for you to return the favor. Post honest review on the wedding boards, Google and Yelp for all your vendors.

If they have done a great job for you praise them for their benefit and if they have not done a great job, write the bitter truth and help the couples about to get married.

Remove your wedding website:

As already stated, the whole world is going digital and we are quite sure that you must have designed a wedding website for yourself.

Once your wedding is over, your post wedding tasks should include the removal of this website.

Return all the excess items:

No matter how efficiently you have planned your wedding, you always encounter some or other loopholes and you often end up buying excess items for your wedding.

After your wedding is over, check out all the unused goods lying in your home that could be returned and send it back to the dealer. If you have stuffs that could not be returned, you should donate them or pass them to someone else about to get married.

Change your name:

If you have decided to change your name legally, it’s time to do that. Changing names of Facebook and other social media handles is comparatively easier than changing the name legally on documents.

Collect all your documents and do it as soon as possible. If you would wait for doing this post wedding task, it would further become difficult for you.

Get creative with your leftover wedding décor: 

It takes a whole lot of planning for any wedding to become whimsical and this planning includes lot of things for wedding décor.  Once you tie the knot, what are you supposed to do with it is not a mystery. Either you could get creative with this or you can put all these up for sale.

Get rid of unwanted gifts: Not everyone knows your taste properly and hence, you often get gifts that do not suit your taste.

So, one of the task to do after marriage is returning gifts that are duplicate, not good or not classy. There are vendors who take back such gifts and you can find something that suits you.

Once you finish all these post wedding task, enjoy a happy and blissful married life!

Author Bio:

I Mr. Atul Gupta is the co-founder of 123WeddingCards. I have years of experience in wedding card designing and has expertise in writing wedding card related blogs. My online portal contains latest collection of wedding invites with amazing designs. I am passionate about my services. As a genuine wedding columnist with immense writing skills on wedding related topics, my profound ideas have been signature of many weddings all across the world.

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Comment by Stephen Davison on September 12, 2018 at 5:29am

Hi Atul,

Interesting post.

Nice information you have shared. These are the steps to be executed on a high priority basis

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