Amazing Chic Ideas for A Stunning Bridal Shower

An informal wedding farewell, also known as the bridal shower is the fun part of a wedding celebration. It is the day the bride-to-be spends with her closest girl pals, reminiscing their good ole' days and promising to keep their bond evergreen come what may. As jovial as it sounds, here are some chic bridal shower ideas to try when your best friend walks into her new life!

Cake Topper: As your best friend gets ready to walk down the aisle, top the cake with a topper that conveys the transition. For this, a 'From Miss to Mrs.' topper hung on two poles punctured in the cake fits the best! 

Personalized clay name table toppers: Getting personalized name cards in calligraphy for guests can burn a hole in your pocket! But don't you worry. We have an equally adorable way out for you. Use clay to make ribbons and impress them with the names of your guests. 

Balloon letters: Balloon letters are a thing of the day. So, spice up your décor with these cute balloon letters. Use the initials of the to-be-couple and put them up on a wall! To add some color, use the transparent balloon letters and fill them with some confetti!

Champagne tower: Bridal showers are all about having fun and making memories to stop by later in life. So, stack up the glasses one on the other, pour the sparkling liquor and let the night begin! 

It's Quiz Time: Take this bridal shower to test who knows the bride well! Print out quiz cards with quirky questions about the bride's likes and dislikes. While you fill in the answers, remember that this is a just-for-fun gig!

Photobooth: The essential light of a bridal shower lies in the photo booth! You can make DIY photo frames by revamping old cardstock. Adorn them with florals and girly quotes to make her time last longer!

Countdown board: If you're looking for pretty decoration, this countdown board makes up for it too. Pose with this adorable beautifier to remind your best friend that her big day is just around the corner!

Cat ears for the girls: You are still young and the accessories have to set this thing right! So, put on these eye-catching head gears and pose for cute pictures! For more 'cattiness, draw whiskers on your cheeks and paint the tip of your nose black with an ll felt pen. 

Role over the head: Ever dreamt of wearing the crown and feeling a majestic queen? Well, we have got something to fulfill your heart's desire. Get dressed and put on these chic headbands embellished with your roles! The bride-to-be where is yours? 

Sweet treat: Celebrations are okay but where are the sweets? Here you go! Wish your best friend all the sweet luck and love with these customized cookies crafted with lovely wishes! Choose the shape for your cookies or get assorted sizes. Your pick! 

Down the memory lane: Bridal showers are all about becoming teary-eyed when you walk down the memory line. This is why we bring to you a 'down the memory lane' photo stall installed with your girl's adorable pictures! Grab some tissues before you check it out!

Sign a Jenga: All the Jenga fans, throw me a cheer! This one here is legit creative wedding goals! Here's a fun game for you - collect all the pieces and every girlfriend signs her favorite memory with the lucky girl. Gift them all to the bride-to-be when she begins her journey anew!

Lovely streamers: When it is a bridal shower, everything is about love. Beautify your mundane walls with these curtain streamers embellished with paper hearts. For a fairy-like glow, twirl fairy lights in between. Your backdrop has never been so 'love'ly.

Macaroon corner: Macaroon is the definition of acute adorable sweet! Moreover, they are available in any color of your choice which makes them super versatile. Designate a corner for these tiny guests. Make sure that you order the flavor which matches up with your color theme! 

Potted love for home: In the hustle of the bridal shower, handing over the bridal shower favors to each girl may not be possible. So, the best thing to do is to lay them all out for each one of them to pick on their way back home. Dress up a corner where you put all your potted plants together and let the love grow in their homes.

Mason jar vases: This décor idea will not cost you anything extra without ever compromising on the beautiful decoration. Use old mason jars like mason jars and adorn the corners or empty spaces with these flowery guests! Add some sparkle for a magical look. 

Sashes: Draw some wedding inspiration from beauty pageants! Get sashes with customized names for each of your girls to wear at the bridal shower. An absolute diva!

Nail favor: Brides and bridesmaids love to doll up. So, if you are looking for worthy bridal shower favor, consider gifting nude nail paint. Tag them with a thank you note for adornments.

These are some of the loved ideas that give legit couple goals! You are the king and queen, so you are free to put on your creative thinking caps and give a shot at wedding planning! Be as creative as you can, just how you designed your unique wedding invitations!

Happy wedding!

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