4 Fashion Hacks 4 Picture Perfect Engagement Pictures

If you’re like most couples, you probably have dozens of selfies of you and your beloved on your phone, but few (if any) professional photos together. Becoming engaged is a great reason to pose for a professional photographer and celebrate this new milestone in your relationship. Follow these tips to make sure that in the coming years, you’ll look back on these photos and remember the promise, hope and excitement of the moment instead of wishing you hadn’t committed fashion flubs.

Choose Clothes that Make You Feel Great

Nothing ruins an engagement shoot faster than uncomfortable clothes. You want to spend your session smiling and swooning with your beloved, not tugging at your clothes or worrying about their fit. Avoid anything too tight or clingy, and give your outfits a test run before the session. Consider how they make you feel, and swap out anything that makes you feel less than confident.

Steam and Iron Your Clothes

Photoshop can work magic, but don’t show up to your session in wrinkled clothes hoping your photographer can edit creases away. Save yourself stress by steaming and ironing before the big day so your clothes look photo-ready.

Consider the Weather

Make a plan with your photographer for inclement weather and be prepared. A downpour may cancel your session, but a light rain can create opportunities for adorable umbrella shots. If you’re outdoors in a windy setting, bring an invisible tie stay to prevent neckwear from flapping in the wind. If it has rained recently in your location and the ground is wet, wear galoshes on the way and swap them for your cute shoes before snapping the first photo.

Choose Complementary Clothing

Your outfits don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but they should complement both each other and your chosen setting. When testing out your ensembles, consider how they look together in terms of color and style. If one of you wants to wear a tux and the other a sundress, consider compromising with a suit and cocktail dress.

Your clothing should also complement your location. Choose a color palette that will blend with the setting or create a harmonious visual. Check out your location while testing your outfits and snap a few selfies to get a feel for how well they complement the setting.

Following these tips will help you feel more comfortable and confident during your shoot, but the best advice is to remember why you are snapping photos in the first place. This moment is about your love for one another and your hopes for the future. No matter what you wear, let that vision shine through, and your photos will be beautiful.

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Comment by Greg Williams on September 5, 2019 at 1:36pm

Great tips! Thanks for sharing. 


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