Bachelorette Party: How to Make Yours Go off Without a Hitch

Bachelorette parties are a fun way to celebrate your loved one’s upcoming wedding. Whether the bride is your best friend or sister, there’s something special about being able to throw them the last bash of their single days. While the movies make it seem like throwing an epic bachelorette party is easy, the truth is that there’s more to it than simply grabbing your besties and hitting the clubs. Using these tips will help you avoid common issues that can arise with big group outings so that everyone has the time of their life.

Pick the Right Timeline

Many people make the mistake of planning a bachelorette party for the night before the wedding, but no bride wants to have tired eyes in their wedding photos. Since hosting the party too soon is anticlimactic, you’ll want to aim for having the party between a month and two weeks before the wedding. This will be close enough for the bride to feel like it’s her last big hurrah, and everyone will still be excited for the big day’s arrival.

Rent a Van to Keep Everyone Together

Being forced to wait to be seated for dinner until that last straggler arrives can ruin your timeline, and no one wants to be the poor soul who somehow gets stuck in traffic and misses a huge moment during the party. Sprinter van rentals give you enough room for everyone to ride together. Being able to arrive at venues as one big group makes it easier to navigate your way through the evening.

Plan a Basic Itinerary

If you’re feeling tempted to just wing it, then don’t. Many of the main hot spots for parties fill up with reservations fast, and you don’t want to find your group being turned away at the door. Do a little research to find out if you need to make arrangements to visit the different venues ahead of time so that you can do what it takes to make sure you all make it inside.

Let the Bride Be Your Guide

Your vision of the perfect bachelorette party might be different from the bride’s. Even if you’re planning a surprise, you can still get some insight into who the bride would like to invite or places they’d like to go. Following their lead ensures that they’ll feel comfortable enough to enjoy every moment of their special night.

As you wrap up your final plans for the big event, remember to clue everyone in on what to expect. Sending a quick text with a list of your main hot spots to hit ensures that everyone knows what to wear and how to prepare for a night that you’ll always remember. Then, all you have to do is pick up your favorite bride and head out for a grand adventure.

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