How to Make Your Honeymoon a Magical and Unique Experience

You've walked down the aisle. You've promised to love each other forever. It's time to get on a plane and head to your honeymoon destination, so here are a few tips for having a great time once you land.

Plan Romantic Activities

Every city has hot spots for couples. Whether it's a swanky restaurant, a sunset cruise, or his-and-her massages booked at a local spa, there are places where you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere with your new spouse. You should pay particular attention to experiences that you can't get at home. If you're in the countryside, for example, look for vineyard tours or charmingly old-fashioned train rides. If you're in the city, ascend to the top of a skyscraper to hold hands and gaze out at the world together.

Share the Good News

Don't be afraid to tell people that it's your honeymoon. You can reap all sorts of benefits, including complimentary gift packages and free upgrades for rooms and flights. Generous staffers might also throw in extras like flowers, champagne, or chocolates on the pillow. Even if they don't give you anything but a smile, however, you'll increase the good cheer around you, and the service that you receive will likely be top notch. Nobody wants to ruin someone else's honeymoon.

Book a Nice Hotel

You don't need to splurge for a penthouse suite in order to have a memorable stay at a hotel. Just find one that's interesting all by itself. It might be in a historic mansion, for example, or it might have a special theme. Some hotels, like The Warrior Hotel, an Autograph Collection Hotel, knows that themes make staying over that much more fun. You can also look for hotels that go above and beyond in terms of amenities, salons, swimming pools, and other luxuries that will keep you living the high life during your honeymoon.

Leave Some Breathing Room

It's common for people to "overbook" their vacations in an attempt to get their money's worth. It's especially common during honeymoons to once-in-a-lifetime locations. Rather than planning out every single minute of your trip, however, give yourself some time to relax. You just finished all of that wedding planning, and now it's time to celebrate the first chapter of your new life with your spouse. Write your own story instead of rigidly following what you see in a travel guide.

These are just a few tips for ensuring a wonderful honeymoon. It doesn't matter if you're going for an elaborate trip overseas or a short getaway to a nearby city. Any destination can be special with the right effort in making it magical.

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