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South Indian Sarees – Ethnic is the new Sexy

Those women are love to wear they can understand their feelings. Traditional sarees synonyms are south India. It is next to impossible that you love to wear saree and, in your wardrobe, there is no traditional saree. It is not an insult to your fashion segment but also insults the saree world too. The designer makes this type of saree for saree lovers. If they don’t buy this type of saree then the designer will stop making this type of saree. All Bollywood actress those who fond of wearing saree such as Sridevi Ji, Rekha Ji, many others. When they attend any program any award functions, they always wear traditional south Indian silk. Many Bollywood actress wears south Indian silk in their wedding reception too.

If you want to show your attitude your level your personality then you should definitely wear traditional saree. It will show the real you. And trust me this type your saree suits your personality. This type of south Indian silk will differentiate you from others. In crowed your selection your choice for south Indian silk will differentiate you from others. For once in a while everyone notices you. Maybe many of them try to copy your style.

Many of the south Indian silk available in the market, with them we are going to discuss a few of them.

Trendy Kanjeevaram silk saree

Kanjeevaram saree is the pride of South India. This saree is one of the famous saree in south India. This saree is produced from a small village called Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu. This saree’s locally name is Kanchipuram silk. There is a myth that the god makes the woven of the saree from lotus petal. For this reason, the looks of the saree are so beautiful. When they have their special program they always wear this type of saree. The color of this saree is so bright and rich that anyone loves to wear this type of saree. The design of the saree is so beautiful. All over body contrast with 2 to 3 color and border of the saree is either zari work or other work. With this type of saree if you wear a perfect blouse like a designer sleeve, with embroidery or Chiken work. Actually, in saree, you can find the blouse piece. You can make your blouse with that piece or you can make a blouse with another contrasting color. That also looks good. With this traditional saree, you should wear pure gold jewelry. You can be built your confidence level with this type of traditional saree.

Smoothing Mysore silk

Mysore silk also one of the popular saree in south India. The birthplace of this saree is Mysore in south India. This saree is a very light weighted saree. When anyone drapes this type of saree they cannot feel that she is wearing anything. The weight for this saree comes in 600 to 800 gm. The length of the saree is very big. That the fold of the saree comes many. The color of this type of saree is very eye shooting. After wearing this type of saree you will feel so comfortable. And also you do not have any skin disease or anything. Those who have good physics and want flaunt that one, then this saree is the best choice for them. You can wear this type of saree in casual wear as well as party wears too. You can also wear this Mysore silk on a hectic day, that day when you have to do a lot of work with the office, after the office you also have to attend the party also, or you have to attend your friends or relatives marriage. For that day to maintain your elegance look, this saree is the best choice for you. Just pick up a perfect blouse for you with this saree, and you will look like a diva. Your fashion segment will reach up to the mark. Though this saree is silk saree, so this one is a transparent one. With this saree always wear a back open blouse, in this way you will feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable in front open then you can wear this too. According to the place you can make blouse any design, neck design and back design also should be in your choice.

Exclusive Gadwal Saree

Gadwal is the saree in that place which is consists of the Tungabhadra and Kaveri river. It is a small village in Karnataka. This saree is available in the market both in silk as well as in cotton also such as Gadwal silk, Gadwal cotton, Gadwal silk cotton. The design of this saree is unique. The color of this saree is bright. The border of the saree is designed with zari. Some Gadwal saree comes in the stonework. All over the body either come in stonework or other design also there. Those make this saree the whole family do this work because they are so poor. Only they can make this type of saree if the whole family does not make saree they won’t get any food for that day. According to their payment, they won’t get the proper price. The shopkeepers who sell the saree they won’t give the proper price to them. They take many days and many efforts to make this type of saree. They are so creative. Like these many families are there in Karnataka those who are making this type of saree. The good part is that for their hardworking we are getting one of the best sarees. This saree can be used anywhere. In-office as well as at any party, any occasion, any special event. With a proper blouse and proper skirt just make you for any event.

As conclusion, South Indian saree can create a new era. Those who are saree lovers and also love to wear bright and rich color for them there is a lot of option. Just select one to keep it in your wardrobe and make that one favorite one.

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