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Kurtis might sound like a simple dress to wear but it is not as simple as you may think it to be. You can wear a kurti with any type of bottom you feel like. There is a different style of kurtis which you can choose and they are even more types of style that you can wear your kurti with. Most of them have been very popular. However, it completely depends on your choices and preferences, which style you, want to go with. After all, it is you who is going to wear it and you need to feel pretty and confident it. Most of the dresses are easy to wear and flaunt about. Here is a list of the common styles that many of the people follow. You can also try this out and feel more confident about yourself. There are a lot of styles to choose from. However, we have listed out only the popular ones which we prefer.

Kurtis and leggings

This is the most common style of wearing kurtis and many people prefer to wear this style. Kurtis and leggings always look beautiful on every girl and it will surely go to impress every people. IF you are ever in doubt about which bottom to wear with your kurti, you can always turn to leggings. It will never look bad on anyone. Kurti and a pair of good leggings are not going to be out of style anytime soon. Leggings are tight and fit seamlessly and it could also be a great style statement. Another thing to watch out that your leggings are not the net ones and the fabrics of leggings are not see through either. Also, never wear leggings with a short kurti, no matter how shapely your legs may be. It never looks elegant.

Kurti and Palazzo Pant

Palazzo pants are a trend in the market. They are trending for a reason. They look gorgeous on everyone who wears it. They come in different colors and designs like printed and laces. These palazzo pants can put aside any of the other dresses when paired with a kurti. And you can get all these pretty looks even without feeling discomfort. You can wear them easily all the time as they are very comfortable.

In fact, when they are worn with a kurti, which is also a comfortable dress can make you feel all the more comfortable. For a good look, try to pair the palazzo pants with a kurti which ends just below your knees. SO, simply choose a mid-length palazzo pant. You can also go for a colourful palazzo pant which stands in contrast to your kurti. For instance, wear a white kurti with bright yellow palazzo pants and you will look elegant and attractive.

Kurta and Jeans

Kurti and jeans are the modern wear of the millennial people. It is a great choice to go with. It gives a classic look along with a contemporary touch which looks fabulous. A pair of blue jeans with a solid colored kurti is a beautiful combination. It is great for a casual look while going for lunch or hanging out with friends. Wear a short kurti with denim jeans is always a go-to option. Moreover, there are a lot of accessories that go with it. You can wear fun earrings and ballerinas or juttis. And if you are going for a date with someone special, you can wear a pair of pumps instead of your flats and you will be ready. Your party will certainly fall for it.

Kurta and Patiala

The Patiala’s are that old in the fashion industry. It is a new one and it is a choice for a lot of people. These are the conventional type of wears which you can wear with your kurti. These styles are the simplest one but yet it is a beautiful style. The Patiala’s are one of the best choices during summer as it is comfortable and make of cotton. You can fill your wardrobe with as many Patiala’s you want because it is never going to look dull on you. A white or a black Patiala is a must have, as it can go well with any designs and kurtis that you love to wear. These Patiala’s will look good with any color kurti you wear.

Kurta and Skirt

The combination of kurti and skirt might not sound the best to you. But, it is one of the greatest trends in the town. This is a good style, if not the best. However, if you are going to wear these two together, you are going to look stunning, and that is worth it. When wearing kurtis, always go for the long kurtis which have slits on the side and look crisp. This can give a great impression to your skirt which you are wearing underneath. Also, go for flared or maxi skirts which match the color of your kurti. Along with these, wear a pair of juttis and you will soon turn to be the centre of attraction of the evening.

Kurta and Trousers

Pair an A-line of trousers with the kurti and you is set for any office work or party. You will look as sharp as anyone. Out of all the mentioned styles, this is by far the classiest way in which you can pair your kurti. For a better look, wear your favourite trousers with a mid-length kurti which should not be too long nor too short. You will look fabulous in it.

Kurtis and straight pants

This is a simple style which makes a huge statement. This will obviously gain a few eyes towards your direction. This is also a fun element which you can try out. You will certainly look like a boss among all your friends, along with giving an ethnic touch. To look even better with straight pants, wear ethnic jhumkas and stilettos and you will be ready to rock.


Choose any of the above styles and you will look wonderful in it. All the styles are good and you can go with any one of them or with everyone.

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