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Velvet Saree the Smooth Classy and Elegant Look

“It is a velvety touch”- It is true that if you touch the velvet material repeated wisely you want to touch the material again and again. If anyone wears a velvet saree then it gives the royal touch. So basically, it is a royal material. this material is so old material when there is a king in our country that time velvet was brought in our country. This material is so soft and skin-friendly. If any one’s skin is sensitive, then she also can wear this type of product. With this material, you can make not only saree but many products. From a small age to old age everyone loves this material. velvet is easy to carry the product.

At first, we have to understand what is velvet? Which type of material is this, is it silk or cotton? What is this? How it produces and what is the procedure, making this beautiful thing? Is this material harmful to children?

Don’t worry we have all your answers. And yes, this material is not harmful to children. Velvet is neither silk nor cotton. It is a completely different material. velvet is a kind of fabric, woven tufted. This fabric thread is evenly distributed. In this type of thread occur short dense pile, which gives this material soft feelings. In this type of material one part is glossy and another part is normal cloth. If you want to make saree with this type of material. only with velvet, you can’t make not only saree but you can’t make anything. To make saree you have to use another material. it may be net, it may be silk, it may be other materials. That means you have to make half-half saree. For example; if you make one saree you can make the pallu part velvet and for the body, you can use another material. if you use net it will look good with velvet.

Velvet making procedures

Velvet is produced from the special type of loom. This sheet is thick. With that thick part, two-part were cut and separated from the main part. When the two-part were cut then it creates piles effect. The separated two parts were rolled so beautifully. For this complicated step, the price of velvet increases. After all the processing when it comes into the market automatically cost increases. The velvet cleaning process is so difficult due to this pile process. This problem was solved for modern technology, nowadays one machine was invented to clean the velvet. The name of the velvet cleaning machine is a wrap, for cleaning the velvet pile. Also, another machine is available to clean the vertical yarns name of that machine is velveteen this machine is created to clean weft and also to fill yarns. Velvet material can be from a different type of material. mainly it gets from the silk material, this type of velvet name is silk velvet. Due to this tough process real velvet can not get. For this reason, many people are selling rayon silk, which is similar to velvet material. velvet can be fetched from different types of people; such as linen, mohair, and wool. Many times, before when silk is not available at that time cotton was produced to make velvet.

History of Velvet

Velvet was produced in the Mamluk era, in Baghdad. Due to the unusual softness and for elegance two merchant Harun – Al- Rashid from Kashmir and Al- Andalus by Ziryab take this velvet in huge number and sold this in different countries, with this they market in huge numbers. They sold this velvet in Cairo, Venice and many other places. Later when the king gets to know about this business, they stop the business by some notice and start the rules that in Eid everyone has to carry their things in velvet material. With this, they cannot be sold the material outside of India. If the material stays in India they will use their things. In this way, king saves our heritage, which is so costly.

Classification of sarees:

There are many velvet sarees available in the market, they are:

Zari velvet patchwork saree

Velvet material is such a beautiful material. if we make saree with this type of material then definitely it will look good. With that velvet zari also there that the look of the saree is so gorgeous that no one can not expect this type. The design of this saree is the body part is one color of velvet and the pallu part is another type of velvet. The border of the saree is patched with zari. This work gives the saree a royal touch. You cannot wear this type of saree as casual use but you have to wear this saree in parties or in the wedding ceremony. The saree is itself so heavy work saree, for this reason, you have to use a very simple type of accessories.

Half Net Velvet saree -

The design of this saree is so unique but this saree is in trend. The design of the saree is the body of the saree is velvet material and pallu of the saree is full net. If you do not like net material then you can use silk for this part of saree. With velvet, any material will look good. But you have to keep in mind that if your body color is dark then surely for pallu you have to use a light color. With this, the color and design of the saree will come out very prominently. You can use this type of saree for your party purpose and wedding ceremony purpose too. Suppose for an example you are wearing a half-half saree the body color of the saree is deep blue and the material is velvet and your pallu color is white and the material is net. With that you are wearing a stone setting long earring, then will be a star of that night.

As a conclusion, saree material is very important for the session. If you select a perfect one then you can feel so comfortable.

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