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Sunday Style: Summer Series: Seashell Theme

Last Sunday we focused on Beachy Casual and showed you some great ideas for a low-key and fun beach wedding, or themed party or event. This week we are stepping it up a notch to show you that a beach wedding doesn't have to be casual. There are tons of items for a seashell theme and it can easily be dressed up or dressed…

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Feminine and Thrifty!

Okay, so I came across this idea the other day that I would have never come up with myself! Doilies used as envelopes and place cards and menu cards! It is so pretty and feminine and would look stunning for an outdoor spring or summer wedding. If your looking to save a little to put towards something more extravagant, this could be the way to… Continue

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by any other name



Kez is a young Marriage celebrant based in Newcastle

The decision to take on board your husband's (or wife's) last name can be a tough one. To some, it is perhaps the most symbolic gesture of the marriage, to others it doesn't signify being any more or less married.

Ultimately, the choice is left to the most important people (the bride and…


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Invitations website is now live!

Yay! The time has come to unveil our site and our collection of wedding invitations and stationery....we're sooooo excited! Please bear with us as there will inevitably be a few tiny things that we need to tweak over the next few days/weeks, but in the meantime, hope you like the site and our designs! Look forward to hearing what you…


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DIY Love Mix


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Grooms with a View with Groomasuarus Guy Jeff Kear

Jeff Kear - recently married, author of the Groomasaurus blog and co-owner My Wedding Workbook and My Wedding Workbook Pro online wedding planner - joins Robert Allen in today’s episode to discuss how guys can pitch in and help their wife-to-be. They will knock down the unspoken divide between brides and grooms as Jeff shares lessons learned while planning his destination wedding. Jeff talks about the stuff men care about such as food,… Continue

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Planning your dream wedding? Last Minute Gift Ideas? Join us at the TIG Wedding Expo. Meet with some of the best wedding professionals from across the VA, DC and MD area. Brides are invited to view and try samples ,create onsite packages and book services. Music, Bridal Fashion Show and lots of Raffles.


1800 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202

Grand… Continue

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Cary NC.Elegant Wedding Gala~ March 4th 2010 : Tips To Get You Ready For A Bridal Show

Raleigh Upcomming Bridal Show~Tips To Get You Ready For A

Bridal Show

Posh Girls Tying The Knot.com~ Offers Pearls of Wisdom.

Elegant Weddings Gala

March 4, 2010

The Umstead Hotel & Spa…


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How to Word Wedding Invitations From Formal to Fun, Expert Advice is Helpful

Choosing the right words for your wedding invitations is an important task. From non-traditional families to specific cultural or religious ceremonies, picking the right wording for your wedding

invitation (which hopefully will be letterpress) requires careful


When thinking about wording your (letterpress ;) ) wedding invitations it is important to keep a couple key points in mind:

Is your event a formal or casual affair? This…


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Wedding On Bonaire Do you need a Wedding Planner?

Yes, you DO need a Wedding Planner to say "I DO" on our great Tropical Ilsland of Bonaire.

Flamingo Services Bonaire takes care of the best day of your life, celebrating your love, on the idyllic island of Bonaire. Wherever you want: on a private beach with family and friends, or on the pier of your villa with ocean view.

We can arrange your wedding ceremony anywhere on the island. We will take care of all the hassles of organisation and preparations so you…


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A "HOW TO" Guide When Shopping for your Gown

A"HOW TO" Guide When Shopping for your Gown

I am in the beginning process of looking for my wedding dress. I wanted to know if

you had any tips or suggestions? Also my wedding is set for 8 months

away, when is a good time to order/purchase my wedding gown? This

couture gown is one of my inspiration dresses by Olge Cassini.

A: This is a common question that alot of my clients ask. Here are some

important things to think about and take into consideration… Continue

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New DJ Website Launch

The objective of our new website was to even further optimize our online “findability” using a new and evolvable platform that could adapt quickly to changes. Our SEO

campaign has been fueled by our blog, so we based the new design around

the blog. The next goal was to make it easy to navigate. Although

specific descriptions, options and product services will become more

detailed every day, simplicity of navigation was key. There is so…


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Be Prepared for the Choices Involved with Wedding Invitations

Custom wedding invitations are an essential part of your wedding planning but are you prepared for all the choices you will need to make when creating yours.  You will want to be as informed as possible in preparation for these decisions so designing your invitations will be easier.

Here are some things you will need to…


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Instead of Something Blue, Something Green- Letterpress Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

Planning your wedding can be a complicated process. With so many different things to remember, who has time to think about the planet? Luckily, in the field of letterpress wedding invitations alone, there

are several different ways that you can go green.

While wedding invitations are typically not the first things that come to mind when you envision a green wedding ceremony there are several different…


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Before The Wedding: Learn To Say You're Sorry

It's true--you have to know how to say "I'm sorry" before you say "I do."

Before The Wedding: Learn To Say You're Sorry

Enjoy! Elizabeth Oakes, National Wedding Examiner, Examiner.com

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Etsy Artists Wedding Accessories


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Wedding Insurance - What You Need To Know

{Sponsored Blog}

Weddings are among the most significant…


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Dessy Delight of the Week-The Dessy Bridesmaid Dress Collection


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New Innovative Technology For Weddings!

How many times have you been invited to a wedding, bar mitzvah, baptism or other important event where you just can't find the time or financial means to check 'yes' on the invitation?…

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DIY Wedding Invitation Design Videos Do It Yourself Ideas for the Bride

If you were ever wondering what all the buzz about DIY or Do It Yourself was about, then you have come to the right place. At Invitations by Ajalon we are always striving to give our brides the

highest quality letterpress wedding invitations and designs possible,

and sometimes that means integrating a little DIY into the wedding

preparation mix.

If you order letterpress wedding invitations there are countless ways to make them more beautiful or add your own…


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