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Planning an Autumn Wedding

Everyone gets married in the spring. Planning a wedding in the months of May and June is expensive, tedious, and can be downright boring for those who do a lot of that type of thing. Eventually, the selection process for wedding décor, colors, cakes, and wedding favors becomes meaningless and monotonous for a wedding planner. You, as the couple getting married, may not realize it while it’s happening, but the end result will not be quite what it could be.

An autumn wedding, on the…


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Responsibilities of the Groom's Parents

Typically the parents of the groom are the least involved people in the wedding party. However, that doesn't mean they don’t have responsibilities. Below there are a few duties they are typically in charge of.

Groom’s Mother

  • Try to coordinate your outfit with the bride’s color scheme. Traditionally the mother of the bride should contact you to let you know about the wedding scheme.
  • Typically most of the planning is handled by the bride and her family.…

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Robbins Brothers' Socialites Discuss Random Acts of Romance


I had a great weekend! And hung out with a dear friend who is also very easy on the eyes...haha! My weekend adventure prompted today's Coffee Break discussion...Random Acts of Romance! Shulie and I want to know if you did anything special, sweet, romantic or simply unexpected for the one you love this weekend or maybe the one you admire. :) Or perhaps you had the BEST date ever....well, we want to know all the details.…


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How to Find Bridesmaid’s Dresses for Every Body

5 tips to help satisfy everyone in your bridal party

Impossible—the word to describe how easy it will be to find a bridesmaid’s dress that everyone in your bridal party will like. Regardless of if your bridesmaids are all tall and willowy like models or all small and petite (which is unlikely) the idea that you’ll find dresses that flatter everyone—as far as style, color, and silhouette—is pretty much unattainable. And the idea that any of them will ever wear the dress again is…


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New Designer Inspired Gowns Just in

Here is a short bio of Moonlit Bridal: 


Adding new items daily! Bookmark us to see daily updates 

Custom made bridal gowns based on today's hottest…


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Responsibilities of the Bride's Parents

Do you know what your parents are supposed to help you with at your wedding? Do they know? Parents of the Bride do have responsibilities. Often times, however, the parents themselves aren’t sure exactly what to do or what is expected of them. Make sure to take the time to sit down with them and discuss these things with them. Some things you may not want them to be involved it, whereas there also may be things not listed you are hoping for their assistance with. It is all about…


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Cambridge Beaches Resort - Weddings & Honeymoon

The resort provides both a picturesque and romantic setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions with spectacular water views from every vantage point of the property. Bermuda has long been a popular choice for honeymooners and couples seeking intimate weddings away. The islands natural beauty and year round mild, sub-tropical climate, with sunshine throughout the year, makes…


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DIY Summer Wedding

Summer is the most perfect time of the year for a wedding--I LOVE summer weddings! To kick off this summer, 3D-Memoirs featured a DIY Summer Bridal Shower Inspirationpost including some awesome DIY ideas and lovely Wedding Paper Divas eye-candy! (If you missed it, please check it out!) Fast forward a couple months and wow, can you believe that…


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Summer Wedding at Pine River Ranch | Blue Suspenders, Yellow Ties, Dessert Bar

Today I am excited to share the beautiful early summer (or late spring) wedding of Andrew and Jessica that I have been hanging onto. I have a wonderful stock pile of summer weddings here at Pine River Ranch that I will be sharing with you over the year. When it is snowy in December, you will thank me when you are transported to a warm, summer wedding, with the sun beating down. …


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Real Dessy Dress Wedding


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A Vintage DIY Same Sex Wedding!!

Everyone once and a while a wedding comes our way that is just the Perfect match!! Now I LOVE all our clients and love the specific details they pick out to represent their own styles. But Daniel and Sauces' BIG day was just such the perfect match to EVERYTHING I Love!!! As anyone who has ever been to our house knows- I just Love all things vintage. and while I wish I was a…


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10 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2013

New to Our Wedding Community? Browse our wedding planning guide to find the perfect photographer, invitations - you name it!…


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Chic Wedding a the Lambertville House

This couple had their ceremony at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, on their way to the reception site, Lambertville House in Lambertville, they did a quick stop at the old train station in New Hope.…

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographers"


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Freshwater Pearls Bridal Necklace Sets

Need a fabulous gift for that special girl? Whether it's your mother, wife, fiancée, daughter, girlfriend, niece, or for a bridesmaid gift, we've got something for her at a price you will love. You can't go wrong with our spectacular freshwater pearl jewelry. Pearl Jewelry offers elegance and sophistication, and is always in style. These versatile pearl beads can be strung and knotted alone, or combined with Swarovski crystal beads for looks that range from casual to formal.



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One of the hottest books right now is Fifty Shades of Grey!! Women are going crazy over this series, completely addicted, and just can't get enough, so I couldn't help but offer an inspirational 50 Shades of Grey Wedding post this Etsy Thursday! I hope you fall in love with these delectable delights--any Grey obsessed fans? We are definitely aiming to please with these amazing Etsy wedding finds!



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Dressing Room Sessions: The FREE Seattle Engagement Session

Premier Seattle Engagement and Wedding Photographers

EVERYONE on the East Coast is doing "Dressing Room Sessions". But...being the mover and shaker I CLAIM to be, I've decided to bring them to Seattle! (Yay!! I get to introduce YOU guys to something now!!)

So what ARE these sessions?

Ok, bride to be...let me give you a wedding…


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Maid/Matron of Honor Responsibilities

Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor have the same responsibilities. Why do they have different titles for the same thing? Traditionally a Maid of Honor is not married, where a Matron of Honor typically is married. They are both chosen the same; both are usually a best friend or close relative (i.e. sister). If you are asked to be one, you should feel privileged. Take it seriously and show that you deserve the title.

Before The Wedding

  • Host a bridal shower…

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Guest Writer ~ Claire Broadley

Running a business is…

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