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Life-Changing Seminar: "Marketing to Brides Breakthroughs Workshop" with Natalie Bradley

Hello Everyone,

Have you heard of Natalie Bradley, the Bride Attraction Expert? She started BrideAttraction.com to help bridal-preneurs attract more brides, make more money and have more freedom in their businesses.

She develooped a step-by-step system for attracting all the brides you need in your business, incorporing all the essential elements needed to ensure a ful, thriving business.

Natalie is leading a life-changing workshop right around the cornor - on… Continue

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Best way you have found to gain more business?

I'm looking for ideas others have for gaining new business. A lot of inquiries coming our way, but I have found personally and from several other vendors (not just planners) that after the intial inquiry there is not much more from the customers.

I'm finding the free sites or those with link exchange to be invaluable. I do pay for advertising, but being a 'young' business cannot do it on all. Word of mouth is key too so I believe reputation is very important.

How do you… Continue

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Dream Big!

Hello Victorian Brides! Hope you have a terror-ific weekend and Happy Halloween ;^) Today’s advice is to dream big and make realistic goals with details to insure they can come true. Many people dream outside their means with causes them not to enjoy their special day because their dream was unrealistic. Don’t run into your planning process without a clear picture of how you want your wedding to run. Incorporate ideas and thoughts which give a portrait of the bride and groom’s… Continue

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Greek Orthodox wedding traditions

One of the things I love about planning weddings is the religious and ethnic diversity of bridal couples and their families. The different traditions and religious elements of the ceremony are fascinating to me and meaningful to the couple.

In this post, I am going to share some information about Eastern Orthodox ceremonies. I had the privilege of working with a wonderful couple that married in one of the Greek Orthodox Churches in the Phoenix area. As I worked with them, I learned… Continue

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Wedding Ceremony in the Arizona Science Center Planetarium

Imagine taking your walk down the aisle with the brilliant sun setting against a backdrop of Arizona Mountains. As you reach the spot where your groom happily awaits, the stars come out and overhead is a beautiful night sky. All eyes are on the bridal party, spotlighted with soft pink light. When the ceremony ends, the sun begins to rise and you recess up the aisle with the beautiful colors of an Arizona sunrise surrounding you and you are not outdoors! All this is possible in the Planetarium… Continue

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Wedding Etiquette: Where It Comes From and How To Make Your Own

Ever wonder why we do all the wedding-y things we do?

Wedding Etiquette: Where It Comes From and How To Make Your Own

Thanks ever so much for the honor of your presence here today, and enjoy!

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Jewish Wedding Ceremonies and Traditions

It’s a great big, diverse world!! I love learning about the different ways that couples exchange their marriage vows. Today I want to share some of what I’ve learned about the religious customs and traditions of Jewish weddings.

Judaism is divided into three basic groups; Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. The ceremony differs when customs are from an Eastern European or Middle Eastern background, and the type of Judaism that is practiced. With all the differences, Jewish weddings… Continue

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Navajo Wedding Ceremony Traditions

My husband and I have traveled much of the great Navajo reservation. From Antelope Canyon to Monument Valley, Canyon De Chelly to Santa Fe, the people and the landscape are amazing! As a wedding planner, I wanted to learn and share more about the wedding traditions of the Navajo people.

The Navajo wedding ceremony is a ritual that has been practiced by the Navajos for centuries. The ceremony is conducted by a respected elder of the bride or by a medicine person. The families of the… Continue

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What will you do with the food that is leftover from your wedding reception?

What will you do with the food that is leftover from your wedding reception? Did you know that almost 50,000 children go to bed hungry each night in Maricopa County alone? Did you know that here in the Phoenix area there is a great agency that will collect your leftovers and deliver them to your choice of over 80 local agencies that feed the hungry?

That organization is called Waste Not. Their vision is for a community where wasted food is a thing of the past and no request for food… Continue

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Introducing our New Offset and Digital Wedding Invitation: Jacqueline

The first time I saw this wedding invitation, the first thought that came to mind was ‘how fun!’ With soy oil inks named blueberry, robin egg and lemon, how could you not get excited about this amazing new invitation set?

continued at… Continue

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1st Bridal Tweet MeetUP Rocks!

Glancing over the lush green field to see the sunset was amazingly beautiful. That was my very first impression of Gore Place, an ornate Federalist style mansion plunked down on 4o rolling acres. Really. I was stunned that such a fantasy wedding site was literally right off Route 20 in Waltham. I knew the first Bridal Tweet Meet up was off to a roaring good start!

You probably guessed that I'm the curious type. My favorite thing is to meet someone new and learn about them. I've… Continue

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The Four Letter Word..... LOVE

I really don't know when I started, loving to plan weddings for clients . I guess after my own. There is something about them, that makes me feel like a hopeless romantic. With the gathering of family and friends ,whom have all come together to share a couples happiness, and joy! Guest dress up in their finest garments, and their smiles lighten up the space. The soft music in the background setting the mood for all to enjoy!

Each… Continue

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Italian Wedding Favours

Also known as bomboniere, Italian wedding favours are traditionally little bags or boxes with small gifts inside of them. The gift can be anything at all, but tradition dictates that there should also be either three or five confetti, known in the English speaking world as Jordan Almonds.

These sweets represent the supposed "bittersweet" nature of marriage, and must always come in odd numbers for good luck, as this represents the indivisibility of the union between the… Continue

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surprise! you're married

taken from wedbykez.com A young Newcastle marriage celebrant

Surprise weddings are a wonderful way to do without the stress and hassle of arranging a wedding but still being surrounded by loved ones and family as you commit to your special someone.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to have a surprise wedding. Some just aren't "white wedding types" , moving state or country, a new arrival... Whatever your reason you can still… Continue

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Photography effects

I can apply various filters and effects to your wedding or photo booth photographs to help you get the effect your looking for. Below are some samples. In the upper left hand corner you see the original photograph. To the right is a high contrast black and white version with lighting effects and a black boarder applied. To the bottom left is a vintage filter with a Polaroid boarder. To the bottom right is a sepia effect with a brown boarder.…


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$10.00 and another bridal show??


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Wedding Vendor Contracts- Necessary or Not?

Is there anything more personal than wedding planning? As wedding professionals we help mold the bride's dreams into one extraordinary day. It's not an arms-length process. We get real close. Which is why inserting a something as off-putting as a legal contract might seem unnecessary or unpleasant to some folks. Several discussions on different wedding forums are about the need for a contract. I thought we could take a look at it together. Are contracts necessary?

I look at it… Continue

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Eco-Socially Responsible Bridal Jewelry that Sparkles with Pure Elegance

For all the green brides-to-be out there, we are excited to bring you an exclusive preview of a new eco-luxury bridal jewelry collection launching in November. Designed by Green Diva, known for sustainable and stylish jewelry, this is the first truly earth-friendly custom formal bridal jewelry collection for socially and environmentally conscious brides.Read more and see more pics here at… Continue

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Wedding Centerpiece

A wedding centerpiece is the most important part of any wedding. Your guests will spend the majority of their time sitting at the table and because of this they will spend a lot of time looking at the centerpiece. Therefore you want to take the time to make a wedding centerpiece that they will enjoy and that you can be proud of.

A… Continue

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Finding the Unique

I love the Etsy web site for great wedding ideas.

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