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Let your smile be your most sparkling accessory - Watch how this beautiful bride wears hers! (VIDEO)

When Lousia and Mason contacted Move Weddings  to do the videography for their wedding I was pretty excited. For starters, I was happy to finally be able to film at the Loose Mansion in Kansas City Missouri. But also because of how excited Lousia came across when they contacted me. She just seemed so genuinely happy to be getting married and to be having a wedding and that is always…

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A Brief Guide to Buy Estate Diamond Rings

The true essence of an estate diamond ring lies in its distinctive beauty and history. Estate diamond rings are unique, crafted by experienced jewellers who have spent years in perfecting and mastering their craft. Antique rings have a beautiful story to tell – a story of romance, enigmatic style and a lifetime of values. In fact, these rings make for the best engagement rings and heartfelt gifts for your loved ones. However, buying estate…


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How to get the best skin of your life before your wedding

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. Even if you’re not planning a fairytale wedding, you will still want to make sure you look picture-perfect on the day. While makeup will be a big part of this, ask any makeup artist and they will tell you that a good canvas is essential to perfecting your look. Taking good care of your skin on the run up to your wedding will ensure that your makeup stays flawless throughout the day and could even mean that you can get away…


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9 Enhancements To Make Your Special Day Even More Special

We're going to use Valentine Day as an example, but you can apply these ideas to any day. The goal is to make the start of your marriage even more special and memorable. Also, any one of these ideas may spark further ideas for you (get ready to make a few notes).


Make your wedding invitation card heart shaped and Google for any theme you have for a short story of the theme like "when was the first Valentine's Day?" Or "what is the…


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10 Winter Flowers, You Can Use For Your Wedding

In today’s world, it has become very easy to get any flower anywhere. The technologies and the greenhouses have made it simple, but of course with a big price tag. We all know, not all the flowers grow in all seasons and those who don’t blossom in your wedding season can certainly shoot up your budget.

If you are looking for the best local florist in London for your wedding floral arrangements, here…


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Love's Spell is cast

Yours is a romance that has been a lifetime in the making. Two lives that now come together in a celebration of smiles, kisses and tears of joy. A promise is made, vows are spoken, forever begins today.

In the many chapters that make up the story of your relationship, this one will be the one you cherish…


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3 Hot Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2017

A new year is the perfect opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life, so if you and your partner have decided to get married, this year should be yours. Your wedding day will be one of those you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, which is why you should do everything you can to make it perfect. Therefore, when planning the big day, you should have in mind the latest wedding trends that will help you celebrate your love in style.…


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Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas That Are so Romantic

Valentine's Day is the top most romantic days to get married and if you are a genuinely romantic bride I'm certain the Valentine's day wedding will be quite recently the correct thing for you. Your Valentine's Day wedding favors will carry on the subject of your wedding for you to provide for each of your guests as a little and cheap gift as a method for expressing gratitude toward them and also a conventional souvenir thing for your guests to keep a memory of your wedding…


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Fire Those Nasty Tempered Officiants!

This is for the couples who hired a wedding officiant that a friend had used and now find that they cannot get the ceremony they want because of the attitude of the officiant.  As an officiant myself, I have heard from many couples that they had a friend of relative that used an officiant who raised their voice, or refused to change the wording of a ceremony, or who flatly refused to give the couple the ceremony they wanted.  This is NOT acceptable!  You should be able to use whatever type…


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Fashion Trails—Wedding Cocktail Ensembles For Men

Lack of choices and creativity are common misconceptions clouding the world of men’s fashion today. This may have been true a few decades back, but with top bridal designers like Anita Dongre doing their bit, the game has changed and is now more fascinating than ever. Our Indian hombres are spoilt for choice today—be it hues, patterns or cuts, they have a lot to play around with for a wedding or a fancy occasion. Here are a few styles we deem fit for a cocktail…


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Why Pearls are a Classic but Brilliant Wedding Look

Pearls have long been worn by brides, and for good reason.  Get the low down on why they are so popular and some ideas on how to wear them on your special day.

Pearls are simply gorgeous and compliment the traditional bridal look wonderfully.  Pearls are elegant and simple, and not just confined to the wedding day, they should be included in any jewellery box.  But as to why they are so popular at weddings is most likely…


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Top 10 First Dance Songs

Here is ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS most requested FIRST DANCE songs of 2016.  Selected and complied from our client lists throughout last years wedding season.

  1. Ed Sheehan – Thinking Out Loud
  2. John Legend – All Of Me
  3. Adele – Make You Feel My Love
  4. Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige – Stay With Me
  5. Hunter…

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The Wedding day is the D-Day of everyone’s life. Be it a woman or man, everyone wants the day to be both special and memorable. The special part is taken care of by everyone in the family and friends while the memorable part is handled by the wedding videographers.

Previously, photography was the only source to capture the special moments of one’s life but the scenario has changed these days. A…


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Dress This Way for Slight Chubby Girls

Like me, build micro-fat body girls who always admire fitted body shape, but have no courage to lose weight, it is so terrible. I am preferred to look more beautiful with some useful dressing tips.


1. To girls who have podgy upper body, especially girls with fat arms, prom dresses with off the…


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The Student Survival Guide for Planning a Wedding



Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Planning arguably one of the biggest event of your lives can be stressful and overwhelming. Add on top of that being a student, so that working on school work and managing an extremely tight budget can be a major headache. If you want to make it out of the madness and still have a fun and beautiful wedding here are some tips to survive wedding planning and being…


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Importance of Wedding Planner for Your Special day

The wedding is the most beautiful time of your lifetime. In this, not only two souls promise each other but two families are brought together. We all have witnessed the amazing shared bond of love, promises, sacrifices and everyone wants to feel special on this day. Here, what our marriage experts say about the wedding planning through planners. Many people are of opinions…


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5 Reasons You Should Consider Australia for a Destination Wedding

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. If you’ve decided that a destination wedding is in the cards for you, finding the perfect destination is an enormous task. You want everything to be perfect, and it should be. If you haven’t already considered Australia as the perfect destination for your wedding, you might be surprised to find that it’s a top…


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A Wedding In The Great Outdoors Without Wildlife And Pests

In a previous post, we highlighted many ways of helping to keep pests and wildlife away from your big day, especially if your ceremony and/or reception will be held outdoors. Keeping these types of problematic pests at bay, including birds,…


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Tips On Training Your Dog To Be A Part Of Your Wedding

When you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, this is by far one part of your life you’ll never forget. Since our pets are such an important part of our family, many couples want them to participate in this life-changing ceremony. Whether they’re an adorable ring-bearer walking down the aisle or just being a part of the process including pictures, there’s…


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Short of Funds for your Wedding? Take a Marriage Loan

Marriage is an important milestone in everyone’s life. Many people, especially girls, dream of having a fairy-tale wedding. Ria was no different. Ever since the date was set, she could not stop making grand plans. Her father, however, was sad. He wanted his daughter to have the wedding of her dreams but his finances hardly agreed with him.…


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