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Royal Weddings by Real Resorts

A red carpet, a champagne toast and a gentle Caribbean breeze; what could be more romantic? Destination wedding theme can be simple elegance for a spectacular once in a lifetime event or the romance of a fairytale. Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel is the first Catholic ocean view chapel in Cancun. It was consecrated to the Queen of Mexico because of the great devotion of her…


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Is This Your Wedding or Mine? {Guest Blogger Chauntel Simmons}

Conflicts and disagreements can occur during wedding planning, and they are inevitable. Author Chauntel Simmons talks today about handling conflicts and disagreements between you and those closest to you: Your Mother.



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I Do Venues: Marines' Memorial Club ~ San Francisco Chic

Photography by: Cliff Brunk


The Commander's Ballroom at the Marines' Memorial Club is a breathtaking venue filled to the brim with opulence, where elegance is a…


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How to choose a wedding cake

I don't know about you but I love watching Ace of Cakes.  Duff and his crew are amazing.  It's no wonder that when looking for a wedding cake we'd love a creation like his.  Since Duff and his staff won't be coming to your wedding  what can you do if you want a unique cake?  A cake that reflects your personality?  First you need to do your research.  There are 4 factors you need to take into consideration when looking for a wedding cake.

1) Know your budget.  This is very…


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French Wedding Style Exclusive Offer - 10% Off destination weddings in France

I am thrilled to be able to share with you a French Wedding Style exclusive reader offer for 10%  or up to $2,000 off any all inclusive French destination wedding with Bliss Weddings.  Bliss Weddingswas set up by Wendy Jaeger,  who traveled extensively throughout France for more than 30 years. Her relationships with chefs, restaurateurs, artisan producers, artists and…


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Best Wedding Centerpiece Give-A-Way Ideas

Most couples invest a lot of money into the centerpieces for their wedding day.  Or those DIY brides and grooms spend a lot of time coming up with the perfect option to add to the decor and color of their wedding theme.  With all that money and time invested, it would be a shame for the centerpieces to be thrown out, and what newlywed couple wants to…


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I Do Venues: Shabby Chic at Beltane Ranch Sonoma

Photography by: Rosemarie Lion


Do something creative and romantic for your wedding celebration: consider a Shabby Chic affair at Beltane Ranch. Beltane Ranch is a working ranch in the heart of Sonoma. The ranch was established in 1878 and is home to lush gardens and a charming bed and breakfast. The property abounds with natural elements:…


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How to choose the venue for your destination wedding France

So you have decided that you want a destination wedding France, but where do you start? The decision making process is similar to a venue search in your domestic country, the basis of which is, who are you inviting to your wedding?

  • number of guests
  • children and families
  • older relatives
  • guests with access requirements…


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Engagement Photography Tips ~

Engagement Photography Tips ~

Engagement Photography Tips ~
With the holidays now behind us here at Crystal Image Photography have begun to receive requests for engagement photography sessions. 
With that request always comes…

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Inspiration Board - Pantone's Solar Power & Cabaret

Spring is here in New York City.  I'm feeling so inspired by the great weather, I thought a beautiful spring inspiration board would help release some of this happy energy I have!  This inspiration board features two of Pantone's spring colors, solar power and cabaret.  Basically hot pink and yellow. I hope you enjoy!! …

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Happy March !

         Spring is on the way & wedding dates approach more quickly than you can imagine. So if you are a future bride or bridesmaid and are planning to do your own makeup I have detailed, helpful tips for you.

Part One: Skin Care   Have fun with this...remember it's for your wedding!

          If you are 20something and your skin feels fine you don't think you have to moisturize. There is a moisturizer for every skin…


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The Olde Mill Inn Wedding Photos

From our experience, more than often, couples look for their wedding photos to be classy with a modern touch... Here, wedding pics from a wedding held at the very nice Olde Mill Inn located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.…


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Planning My Perfect Beach Wedding

I just got engaged and am soooooo excited to start planning my wedding. I'm opting for a beach wedding in Long island . My friends have been telling me about this place called The Sands Atlantic Beach? Has anyone heard of it , they say its the BEST place to have a destination wedding.…


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Wedding Photography ~ Why Choose A Professional? It's the Personality, Customer Service, & Experience

Wedding Photography ~ Why Choose A Professional? It's the Personality, Customer Service, & Experience

It’s All In The Personality!
It's a wedding, not a photo shoot. Personality is important. You will spend more time with…

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Honeymoon: Beachwear 101

Aaaah, the honeymoon-it’s the ultimate vacation, the best (and most romantic) trip of your life. Your  reward after all the planning and stressing over your wedding day. Before you go,  make sure to check  your packing list for the trip.…


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French traditions:Bridal bouquet

The French are known for their ardor and their style. When we think romance, we think of kisses under the Eiffel tower and walks along the Seine River, the French language is known to be one of the most romantic in the world and no country is considered more fashionable than France. The country is known for its passion and fashion. That is why today we…


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Bridesmaid’s Dresses Made Easy

So you’ve managed to pick your wedding dress but have a difficult time choosing for your bridesmaids? There are plenty of options for you to choose from, actually. One thing you have to keep in mind, though, is to consider the color combination and of course the theme of your wedding. Here are some ways brides have dressed their maids:

Mix and…

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Wedding Vendors: Time equals Money

Who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Time is Money”? In the world of wedding vendors, time (i.e. Hours) is money and it is a key component in vendor contracts, price structuring and wedding packages. Simply put, we are talking about the number of hours you hire your wedding vendors for. Many wedding vendors structure their contracts according to a certain number of hours. What kind of wedding vendors do this? LOTS! Here are some wedding vendor examples:…


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